10 Best AI Copywriting Tools for Affiliates and Offer Owners

There’s no question that the world of marketing today is fast-paced. The demand for content that can get the word out about your business, generate leads, and make sales is higher than ever. So, why not get a little help?

I’ve curated a handy list of the latest AI copywriting tools that can get the creative juices flowing again. These are machine learning tools that can streamline the process of copywriting and mundane tasks anymore. Feed a few words into the AI and see how it turns your quick thoughts into quality content!

As part of our ongoing tools series, here are the 10 best AI copywriting tools that our affiliates and sellers are using to grow and scale their businesses.

What Is AI Copywriting?

Let’s begin by touching on what AI copywriting for affiliate marketing is – and how it works!

AI copywriting is a function of machine learning software that generates copy based on brief written inputs. 

The secret ingredient behind this AI is GPT-3, a language model. OpenAI developed the third generation Generative Pre-trained Transformer, or GPT-3. This is a neural network machine learning model comprises over 175 billion machine learning parameters. 

To understand how massive this is, the previous version was Microsoft’s Turing NLG model, and it had only 10 billion parameters! The primary goal of this OpenAI model is to generate more human-like language – and it’s been used to create news reports, stories, and even poetry.  

GPT-3 creates a near-perfect human language text. However, it requires human intervention to check facts, feel, and insights. This model, when translated to AI copywriting, aids affiliate marketers, offers owners and other online businesses. Now, you have a quick way to create content for your website and marketing campaigns!

10 Best AI Copywriting Tools

Finding a helpful AI tool is pretty easy, but landing on the right one may require a bit more research and patience! Out of all the many AI copywriting tools out there, I have shortlisted 10 of the most valuable ones for affiliate marketers here. 

In this post, you’ll learn about their primary features, pros, cons, and pricing. Whether you are a copywriting professional or a business owner looking to cut down on copywriting stress, you’re sure to find the AI copywriting software you need here.  

Ready to check them out? Great! Let’s dig right in.

1) Jasper.ai


Jasper is one of the most-used and popular AI copywriting software tools on the market, with extensive content creation and optimization software. Anyone who wants content creation at a lightening speed can out Jasper to test!

Many entrepreneurs, writing agency, affiliate marketing managers, and blog users find this AI writing software very useful. Jasper’s team has collaborated with SEO industry professionals to create a perfect AI that generates quality content without plagiarism.

It has over 50 templates to work from and reads and writes in 25 different international languages! Isn’t that crazy? It creates easy-to-read content, all while also sounding like a human.


The designers have programmed Jasper to learn your writing style and give an output that also aligns with SEO guidelines. This AI writing software is one of the powerful applications available on the internet.

Starter and Boss Mode are two primary subscriptions that Jasper offers. The first one articulates your copy while also suggesting new ideas and perspectives. The second, Boss Mode, lets you access its most in-depth features, like writing long-form blog posts, reports, and stories. 

Jasper’s AI can write content 5X times faster and offer advanced commands to make copy that reads smoothly. If you’re looking for higher ad conversions or to improve your SEO rankings in search, Jasper can help!

This is a great tool for team collaboration and also customer association. Jasper AI aids you build a powerful business environment where you can enhance the process and the product. The software is easy to navigate and is surely fun to use.


  • Follows AIDA and PAS model writing.
  • Integrates with Surfer SEO for search engine optimization.
  • Unique writing with no plagiarism.
  • Can adapt to various templates and scripts.
  • Write content in 26 international languages.
  • Optimized for social media and search engines.


  • Expensive for freelancers and budding entrepreneurs.
  • Sometimes repeats the same content during long-form articles.
  • No proper citation or references when mentioning statistics. 
  • Requires you to proofread and fact check everything to avoid jargon and incorrect information.


Jasper offers monthly and yearly plans. Of course, they have a 5-day free trial period for Starter and Boss mode packages. You can then determine which one suits your business need best!

They charge $49/month for the Starters Pack, if you want to try it for a month. However, there is a discount for annual subscriptions. Similarly, they charge $82/month for the annual Boss Mode plan. 

The annual Boss Mode offers better features like improved Jasper commands, unlimited writing length, Chrome extension, access to Grammarly, 3X faster support response, and better organization features.

Jasper also promises a 100% no risk money-back guarantee, which is a good demonstration of their confidence in the product.

Our Verdict

Jasper’s team designed this software with your business goals in mind, particularly when it comes to SEO and paid ads. Everything here is designed to improve your search rankings and conversion rates. 

Price is one of the driving factors for individuals or small business owners that may cause them to hesitate with this AI software. But if your business has a large enough copywriting and content pipeline, Jasper is worth every penny you invest here!

2) Anyword


Anyword is a copywriting tool with a predictive performance score. This makes it easy for writers to determine content quality as they write. The real-time quality predictions let you take control over how to write your content and keep it engaging. 

All you need to do is to input a scenario and let the AI engine search various related content around the web. Anyword responds quickly and efficiently. It also changes the content by including relevant keywords to help you enhance the SEO.

Anyword creates content for blog posts (short form and long form), ads for social media platforms, product descriptions, emails and landing pages too! This is one of the best AI copywriting tools for copywriters in any niche or industry. 


One of Anyword’s most prominent features is its ability to write content with your target audience in perspective. This means you can choose the tone of the writing and designate who it’s being written for. 

The results pop up alongside the score indicator, which is wonderful. You can decide easily which one will go to live. Anyword also optimizes your on-site copy to help you reach the right audience at the right time.

You can even instruct the AI to generate content in your brand’s voice or tone. Anyword AI software’s user interface is pretty simple – just enter the title, description, and the keywords you want to incorporate.

With that said, thorough proofreading is required, as the highest scorer isn’t necessarily the best one. And the resulting copy may still sound somewhat artificial, but will be readable.


  • Its real-time predictive scoring systems set Anyword AI apart from competitors.
  • The writing quality is better than much of the AI software on the market.
  • Use its free version without entering your credit card details.
  • Create high-end copies for any platform online.
  • Simple UI and easy to navigate.
  • Anyword AI offers flexible price points for your different needs. 


  • Since it writes content subheading after subheading, this can be time-consuming for long-form articles.
  • The copy can still sound AI-generated. Ideally, you will polish the content before publishing.
  • The basic plan has limited features.
  • The ‘data-driven’ plan is costly.


Anyword recently offered a Black Friday sale with 30% discount and 20K bonus word credits free for every plan you subscribe. Refer to their website for terms and conditions. 

However, this is an excellent offering for newer copywriters and business professionals looking for a budget plan with a quality AI content writing website. 

Their pricing starts as low as $24 for the Starters pack with 20k words credit/month. The advanced pack – called Data-Driven – costs $83 for 30k word credit/month. 

Any plan you subscribe to offers the ability to write in 30 different languages. You’ll also get data-driven copywriting, AI writing, multiple seats, and readily available chat and ticket support. Anyword also takes care of landing pages for your websites and subject lines for emails!

Our Verdict

Anyword is definitely one of the best copywriting tools available on the market right now. Its flexible price plan helps with budgeting. The features are stronger than many competing AI copy tools. 

Consider going with Anyword’s copywriting tool if you’re a short-form writer, as it’s easier to work with this target audience. Long-form writers might end up spending more time checking the content quality than actually focusing on other vital tasks. 

3) CopyAI


CopyAI has a vibrant and cheerful brand that pulls you in. Their website is simple to navigate. Even a person who doesn’t know what an AI copywriting tool is will understand the concept pretty easily at CopyAI. 

CopyAI is built to generate original ideas for all of your marketing-related queries. It’s one of the best copywriting tools you can use for blog posts, cover letters, and more!

Like any other best AI copywriting tool, CopyAI uses GPT-3, an advanced machine language model. However, what sets software apart from its competitors is its smooth UI. The only 3 steps you need to follow are selecting the copy type, entering the description, and choosing the phrases you wish to incorporate. From there, the AI will proceed and give you results you can use righta way!


The best feature of this artificial intelligence tool is its ability to get us over our writer’s block! What takes hours or days for human writers to brainstorm, CopyAI can do in a few clicks!

It features over 90+ content types, and you can search copy templates by categories too. From real estate listing templates to job descriptions, CopyAI answers questions relevant to all kinds of industries. 

This AI copywriting tool also generates titles for your videos, blogs, webinars, etc. And the support team welcomes requests if you want them to add a new feature. 

Apart from offering free AI writing tools, CopyAI also have active blogs and community. This allows writers to interact with each other to enhance their overall productivity!


  • $0 charge for using their basic plan.
  • Affordable advanced plans.
  • A 7-day free trial available.
  • Fast and easy-to-use UI.
  • Read and write in 25 international languages.
  • Impeccable writing tools for brainstorming ideas.
  • Priority email support.


  • Doesn’t support third-party integration.
  • Not ideal for long-form articles.
  • Not efficient with keyword integration and requires thorough proofreading.


CopyAI is very budget-friendly. You can start using the software for free, which offers 2000 words per month. The premium plan also offers a 7-day free trial with many exciting features to explore. 

The advanced plan charges as low as $49 for 40k word credits per month. This is a fair bargain for all the features we get to access. Another impressive aspect they offer is their free demo.

Every week they organize a demo on how to use their website efficiently. You can organize a team video call and get them trained on using this AI software.

Though their premium plan offers 5 user seats, you can include more by upgrading it to a custom offer. Here, CopyAI provides more customized features to the marketing agencies.

Our Verdict

CopyAI is just the right AI to get your creativity flowing. It is convenient to most of the pockets so any beginner or business owner can invest in here. The customer support is also on par, so you won’t have to worry about not get any quick resolution.

However, the free version isn’t really compatible with a writer whose word count averages more than 500 words per day! CopyAI has great CTA tools and meta description generators. Go for the trial pro before deciding whether this AI is worth investing.

4) CopySmith 

Copysmith is a dynamic tool that takes care of writing social media posts and blogging. It generates high-quality templates for tasks like brainstorming and branding, while its multilingual writing algorithm can comfortably create content in over 60 different languages! 

This tool optimizes your copy to match the tones of various industries. The possibilities are unlimited with Copysmith by your side. It’s just like a friend that helps you navigate through your marketing woes.

Copysmith has something for everyone. Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, a freelancer, or an ecommerce store owner, you will produce content that benefits your business. 

From product descriptions, scaling your organization in the online marketplace, content creation in bulk, CopySmith is a one-stop shop for your copywriting needs. 


You can access features that lets you write a description for ads, create interesting headlines, generate copies with high conversions in bulk. Copysmith also collaborates with tools like shopify. 

And, if you don’t get the right exposure through these copies, then this content generation tool looks into your previous ad history and cover the loopholes.

Copysmith AI writes the entire blog post for you in just half a minute. It is a great article writing assistant that follows AIDA framework and carters intriguing FAQ suggestions as well.

Copysmith AI is compatible with Facebook Ads, Amazon product ads, and Google text ads templates. This is the best copywriting tool for busy marketing professionals from any enterprise!


  • Composition is more human-like.
  • Creates content in over 60 international languages.
  • Integrates with Shopify and other websites.
  • Checks for plagiarism.
  • Efficient support through in-app chat and email.
  • 3 simple price plans to choose from.


  • Need to upgrade your plan to access features that are basic in other AI copy tools.
  • It doesn’t totally replace writing content yourself.
  • The total price is hard to pin down.
  • Time-consuming for long-form blogs.


Copysmith is offering a good deal for new and existing customers right now. Thanks to Black Friday sale! Besides, they have their usual 3 different offer categories. 

The plan price for a starter begins at $19 for 75 credits a month. And, if you wish to get a professional subscription plan, they charge $59 for 400 credits a month. 

Their annual plans are pretty workable when compared to the monthly ones. Pick the professional subscription as it caters to the right tools for everyday needs. 

Copysmith’s pricing keeps changing every often. So, I’d suggest that you check the pricing on their website to get the latest update.

Our Verdict

Copysmith is the go-to artificial intelligence tool for all eCommerce business owners and hectic marketing teams. Try their free version before zeroing on the website. There isn’t much difference between what they offer for starters and professional’s plan except the credits and plagiarism checks.

Copysmith can create enhanced content pieces and ad copies. However, you cannot count on this website to create error-free content. You will need to verify the facts and citations. 

5) WordSmith


Automated insights created this self-help best AI copywriting tool called Wordsmith. The content here sounds so natural that it turns numbers and data into interesting narratives.

Whether you are explaining a financial chart to the organization leads or sharing insightful statistics with the public, this copywriting software tool dissects the heavy data and helps you in your decision making with simple and direct language.

Wordsmith is a powerful app that every financial person needs right now! Sifting through extensive data can be overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to make important decisions in your business. This AI tool automates the process with ease.

Wordsmith users can explain quarterly reports with comfort, automate product descriptions, and more. 


Now, everyone can become a data expert by using Wordsmith copywriting software. It presents real-time analysis and lets you have complete control over the narrative!

You can personalize the content to help scale your business to the next level. Wordsmith AI is fully customizable and it can publish the data on any platform.

Giving a unique twist to how AI copywriting tools produce content, Wordsmith has carved out a niche for itself. Every industry that heavily deals with numbers and data can will use this platform to ease their daily workload.

Online retailers, financial institutions, manufacturers, real estate, sales teams – these are all enterprises that Wordsmith can help in optimizing their productivity.


  • A secure SaaS platform with Single Sign-On.
  • They encrypt all the data as per industry standards.
  • Wordsmith doesn’t store any data.
  • Safe to use sensitive information. 
  • SOC Type II compliant.
  • Fast and easy-to-use interface.


  • Cannot access the pricing easily.
  • There is no direct contact except for creating a ticket or through social media.


Unfortunately, the company is not open about the pricing structure. So, you’ll need to request for a demo from their official website. They’ll then contact you to learn more about your business and the needs to offer a quote.

Our Verdict

This is more than a simple AI copywriting tool, and it’s best for enterprise users. If you need to analyze and construct content from massive amounts of data, look at Wordsmith. We can’t tell you exactly how much they charge, which suggests that this isn’t the best fit for independent professionals or smaller businesses.

Wordsmith has partnered with many industry experts in data management. If that’s your primary use case, definitely find out more about Wordsmith!

6) Writesonic


Writesonic has one of the most engaging home pages of all AI copywriting websites online. It’s interactive and answers all of your questions at once!

Who is their target audience, you ask? It’s basically everyone, including the copywriter, blogger, marketing analyst, social media strategist, sales executive, freelancer, and student. 

The Writesonic copy writing website promises it’s 10X faster and (almost) 20X times cheaper than the ‘top’ AI copywriting tools, as they provide higher results without compromising on quality.

The main page previews how to use the tool and generate the quality content you need. Writesonic organizes all of this information into just four simple steps. 


Writesonic’s claim to fame is SEO optimized long form content to power quality blog posts, articles, and essays. The re-wording tool can paraphrase an entire article perfectly!

They have templates for every need and occasion: invoices, business plans, resumes, cover letters, resignation letters, real estate listings descriptions, review responses, company emails, product descriptions, ads, and even meme templates!

Writesonic integrates with SEM rush and WordPress, and also offers a Google Chrome extension. Another interesting aspect is its included AI art generator! This AI copywriting tool can create a beautiful image from a set of words you input.

Including English, you can use this AI tool in 25 different languages. Let your imagination run wild while exploring Writesonic. 


  • Accessible user interface.
  • Creates engaging landing page copy.
  • Compatible with long-form blog content as well.
  • Available to use with a free trial.
  • Develops catchy SEO optimized headlines.


  • Limited word count can sometimes hinder your content creation.
  • Proofreading is a must to ensure quality copy.
  • With so many plans, it can be confusing to choose the right one.
  • A higher word count plan package might get costly compared to other AI copy tools.


You get a free trial of 6,250 words per user. Writesonic lets you access some premium features as well to determine which works best for your needs. 

Then, they also have a short-form plan that starts at $10 a month and a long-form one starting at $13 a month. You can also designate your desired quality between premium, good, average, and economy to save on your annual billing costs. 

Writesonic suggests which plan benefits which customer the most. For example, a blogger should go for the long-form premium plan, while beginners and social marketers should go for a short-form plan that caters to projects like ads and product descriptions. 

You can also mix the plans to unlock the maximum word count, but contact their support to understand the details better. Students and non-profits get an additional 30% discount!

Our Verdict

Writesonic is a great AI copywriting application with impressive features. It does a good job accommodating the requirements from a range of industries. 

Every writing enthusiast will find it worthwhile to invest in this AI copywriting tool. Whether you are a copywriter or blog post fanatic, Writesonic has a room for you!

As easy as this website is to use, its diverse templates might confuse you. Outline your idea and stick to the template that matches your idea the best. 

Writesonic offers partnership opportunities and extensive customer service. All said, it is one of the best copywriting tools for any marketer!

7) Smart Copy

Smart Copy
Smart Copy

Smart Copy is an AI tool for content generation from the popular page builder Unbounce. 

This tool can easily create effective content in a range of tones and formats. You can use it in conjunction with your favorite tools via its web application, Chrome extension, or desktop application. 

Smart Copy can produce copy according to your needs, including everything from a PPC campaign, emails, lead generation content, or just creating headlines for paid ads. You can also seek out content based on your industry type.

This AI copywriting software has an in-depth understanding about what your requirements and optimizes the content on different topics. Create a memorable tagline or stir an attractive ad copy using Smart Copy.


Smart Copy has over 45 templates to choose from with the ability to write in over 30 international languages. Use its chrome extension to integrate with any online writing tool and enhance your outreach with quality content. 

Smart Copy generates intriguing investor templates and sales templates. You can customize the tones and feed keywords that you wish to see in the output.

The tool’s rewrite feature, also called a remix function, is impressive and creates interesting ads using Google Ad generator. Plus, an upcoming feature is expected where you can access insights about your copy in real time.

Smart Copy has a dedicated resource for marketing fundamentals and conversion intelligence. This page is a big help in taking your existing writing skills to the next level!


  • Straightforward usage.
  • Provides conversion intelligence platform and the classic Unbounce features together.
  • Freemium version is available.
  • One of the best AI copywriting tools with premium quality output.
  • Learns your writing style effortlessly.
  • Pricing is fairly affordable.


  • Limited output variety.
  • Limited resources compared to other AI copywriting software.
  • Takes some time to get a hang of it.


You pay what you see online – there are no hidden costs. Smart Copy is definitely one of the most budget-friendly software options on this list. 

Sign up for a 3-day free trial period to see how you like its interface. If you decide it’s the right copywriting software for you, Smart Copy offers both monthly and annual plans.

Per-month plans start as low as $9, which is a special offer price as of this writing. The annual unlimited plan costs around $480, which is well under budget for the most.

Both levels can access an exclusive community for learning and growth. The tool also features built-in Grammarly integration for all subscriptions. Smart Copy prioritizes premium customer service, so any issues you may have should get addressed quickly.

Our Verdict

As an Unbounce product, Smart Copy works particularly well for landing pages and shorter-form content. It certainly has unique features, but will that be enough to hold on to the user for the long ride?

Smart Copy’s pricing is one people may prefer it over other tools. No matter your level of experience, this is an artificial intelligence copywriting tool that can help you handle idea generation, blog posts, and landing page copy!

8) Rytr


Rytr is yet another great AI copy writing tool that generates outstanding content quickly. With over 40 use cases and 30+ tone setters, you can easily navigate through this tool with no limitations. 

Rytr follows the AIDA framework for copywriting, generates meta titles, and replies to messages with content to engage with customers. You can also write an impressive startup pitch using this best AI copywriting tool!

Rytr offer solutions for local stores, ecommerce, and small businesses. Of course, marketers and bloggers are an integral part of its target audience. This makes Rytr a worthwhile choice for a wide range of business owners and professionals.


You can easily format, shorten, lengthen, and rephrase paragraphs with Rytr’s efficient tools. Rytr can also check for plagiarism and present a readability score to boost your content pieces. 

Did you know? You can even generate an image by inputting a few keywords in the Rytr copy writing tool! The results are pretty surprising. Rytr is flexible with document management as well. 

Save the document or delete it, export the final documents or move them to other folders hassle-free. Rytr integrates with SERP analysis and Semrush too.

Lastly, Rytr’s Google Chrome extension comes in handy when you’re writing emails or marketing-related content in the web version of all kinds of apps. 


  • Supports international languages.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Diversified tones for versatile audience targeting.
  • Quick output.
  • Thorough editing process.
  • Impressive range of integrations and extensions.


  • Software doesn’t support long-form marketing content writing with basic plans.
  • No option for collaboration with a team.
  • The free plan has limited features and characters usage.


Rytr follows a fair usage policy for all its plans. The freemium version gives you access to 10k characters and checks for plagiarism.

The Saver plan starts at just $9 a month and can help you with SEO. It also lets you create your own custom use case. With 100k characters per month and access to over 20+ tones, marketers can easily create quality short-form content pieces.

The Unlimited plan, however, has a dedicated account manager where you can also access priority chat and email support. As the plan’s name suggests, Rytr offers an unlimited character limit with entry to its premium community.

Rytr’s Premium plan costs $290 a year along with an additional 2 months of free usage to its unlimited features.

Our Verdict

This tool is well within the budget for similar premium AI copywriting services. Rytr also provides an image generation tool that is often found in other, costlier copywriting software tools.

The Saver plan has a limited character count, which means any long-form writers will want to purchase their premium plan. And like in most cases, you’ll need to look over the content to check for grammar, incorrect citations, and general readability.

Overall, Rytr is worth trying!

9) Wordtune – A copy writing tool


Write a line and Wordtune will shorten it, expand it, or change the tone, just with a click. It also has a prompt on its main page where you can check sentences and rewrite them based on your needs.

Conveniently, Wordtune is compatible with Microsoft Word. All you need to do is download the add-on and you can proceed with offline editing too! It works on your LinkedIn, Twitter, Gmail, and web version of communication applications. 

Add-ons make life easy when you don’t have to toggle between different applications – just copy-pasting the content most of the time. This is a huge benefit for AI copywriting software for marketers. Add its Chrome extension to the browser and you’re all set!


Wordtune isn’t just one of the best AI copywriting software tools out there, but a great editing tool as well. This editing function works best for social media marketers and editors, because it’s designed to support short-form articles.

Content editors usually repurpose their pieces to use in different media channels. Wordtune is the perfect copy writing software for you to do your work, supporting your workflow management.

Wordtune saves tons of your time and structures writing in creative ways. It also has an enticing feature where it converts any long-form document into short useful summaries to help you understand the context better!

Content writing is easy for many, but it takes a certain skill set to edit effectively. With Wordtune by your side, it’s like having the perfect editor to boost the quality of any piece of copy or content.


  • Easy-install Chrome extension.
  • Faster results.
  • Offers distinct tones of voice.
  • Helpful add-on for offline writing.
  • Compatible with most key online apps and tools.
  • Active blog to learn additional aspects of efficient writing.


  • Restrictive free usage per day.
  • Not as helpful for long-form articles.
  • Requires proofreading to avoid errors.


The free version lets you have 10 rewrites a day. Besides the free version, Wordtune only offers two plans: Premium and Premium for Teams. 

Wordtune charges $9.99 a month for premium users. You can then access all of their unlimited features. Premium Wordtune users enjoy unlimited rewrites, freedom to choose unique tones, a feature for rewriting paragraphs, and dynamic customer support.

For premium teams, you get an additional benefit: team billing. With this, you can pay for the subscription as an enterprise team, which helps with the per-user cost.

10) Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI
Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI is a powerful copywriter tool that focuses on product description ads, social media posts, and blog posts. Choose your copy type, enter keywords, and let the AI do the rest!

It offers solutions swiftly and is reliable for your business scalability. Hypotenuse AI generates content that is so human-like that you barely tell it wasn’t written by a person.

The tool supports over 22 languages for you in writing and editing content. Hypotenuse AI has an easy-to-use user interface, and the output is strong compared to other AI tools. 


Hypotenuse dons many hats beyond just copywriting! It’s also an image generator that can create beautiful images with just a few words as input. 

The website’s article writer also creates SEO optimized headlines. This really helps any professional with tight schedules with rigid deadlines. Even ecommerce store owners and brands will find this software useful, thanks to their bulk description-generating feature.

Hypotenuse can write emails for you and rewrite the copy to repurpose on social media outlets. You can also become an affiliate with them and start a rewarding partnership!


  • Easy to use UI.
  • Relevant output compared to other AI copywriting tools.
  • Flexible enough to handle more inputs.
  • Doesn’t require significant editing.
  • Offers quality over quantity.
  • SEO optimized.


  • Time-consuming process.
  • Doesn’t have a wide range of templates.
  • The price can go little over the budget.


Hypotenuse only offers a 7-day free trial period, with the basic monthly package starting at $29 with 100 credits a month and the annual costing $24 for the same features. 

The growth plan, when charged annually, costs $49 a month for 350 credits. The features here are great. Hypotenuse AI offers 2048px image quality, checks for plagiarism, priority customer support, and your credits roll over to the next month too!

Our Verdict

This is a good copywriting software for content generation. However, Hypotenuse might not match everyone’s taste. 

The output quality is some of the best in the industry. If you don’t want to go all out with the variety of templates and stick to a limited few, this might just be the one!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best AI copywriting software?

Each tool has pros and cons, so I can’t tell you which one is best for you. Some affiliate marketers prefer spending more money on a tool with fewer features that are more specialized, while others stick to an option that provides a wider range of general features. 

But all of these tools are worth the money if you have a use for them. Jasper, Anyword, Wordsmith and Writesonic generate great templates and check plagiarism efficiently. Their respective software comes with wonderful features to help you increase traffic to your website. These tools are compatible with different social media and blog platforms as well.

The list I mentioned above has every detail of each website one might research about. The ball is in your court! Choose the website that suits your professional objectives best. If you have to choose between these bests, there is always a trial period.

How do you use AI for copywriting?

It always starts with an idea. Whether a full-fledged blog post, email, or simple one-liner, you first need a clear idea about what to write about!

Once you have that vision in mind, head to your AI copywriting tool and enter the keywords. Do not forget to set parameters for the tool because it needs to follow a certain set of rules to give you the best content it can generate. The machine analyses the existing internet content and gives you a copy. 

It can be useful for beginners or writers with a creative block. Sometimes, a different perspective can you enough push to build a better copy. It also increases the chances of quality content development.

Is AI replacing copywriting? 

AI can provide quality content, but a copywriter only improves their productivity. We humans are only limited to our own experiences. The AI copywriting tools give a different perspective on how to lead the copy and create quality engagement as well. 

However, AI lacks the human touch. Though it refers to text on the web and produces a readable result, it can’t think like a human or even edit like one. Don’t worry about the bots ruling the world yet!

AI writing software is a treasure of unlimited knowledge resource. Not only it is taking care of our blog posts, but it is helping in various other departments like customer services, sales pitches, researches, and more.

AI Copywriting Tools Wrap-up

I hope you’ve found some insights to take away from this AI copywriting tools guide! We have covered topics ranging from value and pricing to intended audiences and primary features.

Whether you want to create blog posts, social media content, or quality video scripts, artificial intelligence copywriting software can be a tool to guide you through the process more efficiently. These best AI copy writing tools are easy to use and fun to explore, and represent a great way to elevate your content to the next level.

In addition, these AI tools are time-saving and fairly budget-friendly too! As long as you keep the business goal of your content in mind and make sure the finished product meets your objectives, why not put these AI copywriting tools to the test?

And as always, if you need more help mastering the campaigns you’ll need to run to become a successful affiliate marketer, we’re here to help. Gather more insights into building your online business with Spark by ClickBank!