The Ultimate ClickBank and Shopify Connection

Whether you’re a current ClickBank seller who uses Shopify as your primary e-commerce platform, or a Shopify/Shopify Plus business owner looking to harness the power of ClickBank as a new customer acquisition channel, our free custom app makes it simple to connect your ClickBank and Shopify accounts.

Once connected, you’ll be able to send ClickBank orders and customer data between accounts without a clunky, costly third-party integration!

Integration Features

FREE Account Integration

Send order and customer info to Shopify–no 3rd-party integration required!

Simple Setup

Our step-by-step integration guide makes it easy to connect accounts

Sync All Product Types

Connect your physical, digital, and recurring ClickBank products to SKUs in Shopify

Batch Upsell Data

Batch upsell data to fulfill orders with multiple upsells in a single shipment

Track Inventory

Decrement inventory in Shopify to accurately track product quantity

Fast Order Syncs

New ClickBank orders sync to Shopify every 1-2 hours

Shipping Notifications

Send shipping notifications to ClickBank directly from Shopify

Automatic Refund Sync

Refunds in ClickBank automatically update order status in Shopify

Shipping Email Options

Use branded shipping confirmation emails for ClickBank orders

Ready to sync ClickBank to your Shopify account?

Frequently Asked Questions

This integration is ideal for ClickBank sellers who are currently using Shopify as their primary e-commerce and order management platform.

It allows sellers to pass all ClickBank orders, both digital and physical, and customer data to Shopify without requiring a separate third-party integration. 

If you use ClickBank’s ShipNotice API, INS, or Orders API, you may experience some redundancies depending on how you use your order and customer data in Shopify. 

For specialized assistance to understand how this integration could impact your data operations, please reach out to

  • Manage or own at least one Shopify store or have permissions to create a custom app
  • Existing product catalog in Shopify
  • Approved ClickBank products

Ready to rock? Follow our step-by-step guide to start the integration process. If you need help at any time, don’t hesitate to contact 

Great question! Our Shopify custom app will still be a great multi-platform solution for your business, but your first step will be onboarding your products to ClickBank. Get started with our guided launch checklist!