From idea starters on creating dynamic and engaging lesson plans to worksheets and guided tutorials on understanding the fundamentals of math, our Reference section is home to all of your instructional and educational materials you’ll need.

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  • Write Grant Proposals - Specifically tailored to nonprofit organizations seeking foundations and corporate funding

    Write Grant Proposals

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  • Prenuptial Agreements

    Prenuptial Agreements

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  • Instant Recommendation Letter Kit - Real-life Templates

    Instant Recommendation Letter Kit (Revised Ed.)

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  • Advanced Systematic Inventive Thinking - A Revolutionary Creative Thinking Method

    Teaching Inventive Thinking

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  • Eulogy Speeches - Instant Access To Pre-Written Eulogy Speeches

    Instant Eulogy Secrets

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  • Scruffy Plume's Bookshop - Play Scripts and Songs for Teaching

    Fairy Tales in Easy French

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  • Forms Gateaway - Your gateway to legal protection

    Legal Forms and Contracts

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  • Survive In Place - Urban survival course

    Urban Survival

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  • Ultimate Study Secrets - Get A+ grades

    Ultimate Study Secrets

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  • Claim Buster - Know your rights


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  • Writing Rituals - For freelance writers and copywriters

    Writing Rituals

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  • Fireworks & Pyro Projects - eBook for fireworks makers

    Fireworks and Pyro Projectiles eBook

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  • Footprints On Our Land - South African Homeschool Curriculum

    The South African War

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  • Extreme Seal Video - Own the experience

    Extreme SEAL Video

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  • Plays for the Study of Black History

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  • 911 Secrets Revealed - Porsche buyers guide

    911 Carrera 3.2 and 964 Buyer’s Guide

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