Our selection of political and current events e-books will have you in the know and up to speed on all the major happenings taking place around the world. From histories on America’s founding fathers to insider secrets on how to run a sound election campaign, we’ve got you covered.

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  • Pandemic Survival - Protect yourself and your family

    Surviving the Next Pandemic

    $37.00 Buy Now
  • Restoring the Republic - Your Call To Duty

    Restoring the Republic

    $19.95 Buy Now
  • Military Today - Military Trucks & Engineering Vehicles

    Engineering Vehicles eBook

    $4.99 Buy Now
  • Collapse Survival Secrets

    Long Term Food Storage Secrets

    $37.00 Buy Now
  • How To Win An Election - Your Guide to Winning Elections

    How to Win an Election Kit

    $87.00 Buy Now
  • Grass Route Guide - A Roadmap To Community Empowerment

    Grass Roots Guide

    $5.99 Buy Now
  • Survive Any Food Crisis

    Survivor any Food Crisis

    $27.00 Buy Now
  • Last Chance For Liberty - Liberty is in trouble in America

    Last Chance for Liberty

    $9.11 Buy Now
  • Death of the Family - True Stories of the Charlatans

    Death of the Family

    $14.95 Buy Now

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