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Analyze, optimize and scale your marketing efforts with the use of accurate data by RedTrack. RedTrack is an unbiased source of truth when it comes to making marketing decisions since it relies only on first-party data and uses secure server-side tracking technologies. Integrations with 200+ channels and networks help you take all of your marketing data to one place and observe reports from different angles.
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RedTrack is a platform that combines multiple solutions for performance marketers: 


  • Ad tracking & conversion attribution
  • Affiliate and publisher tracking & management
  • Automation 
  • Reports & logs 


With the use of RedTrack, you get access to reliable, accurate, first-party data that will help you analyze, optimize and scale your marketing efforts. 


RedTrack allows you to integrate every marketing channel, ad network, and e-commerce platform to take advantage of unified and accurate view.


Smart attribution by RedTrack allow you to identify how exactly every sale happens, tracks the sale back to the marketing channel and opens strategical opportunities.
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Facebook media-buyer

"So I was totally confused, lost, & overwhelmed with how to implement the Facebook conversion API. But with RedTrack's Facebook conversion API solution, my business now has the the FB conversion API successfully setup & working!! THANK YOU RedTrack!"


Playfairmarketing agency

"The clarity and depth of the data in RedTrack is astonishing. It's shown us that in some places we're clearly putting money into wrong campaigns/ad sets/ads. Clarity we never had before. Amazing!"

Andrius Valatka

YNOT media

"Every day we have to deal with a huge amount of ad data. RedTrack has become an essential tool for our team as we see the whole picture of all ad campaigns efficiency and can make better investment decisions."

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