The ClickBank Moneyshow is Guaranteed Insight and Entertainment

Becoming an affiliate marketer is moderately easy. Becoming a successful affiliate marketer is no small feat. Like anything worth doing, it takes trial and error, lots of learning, and some tips and tricks to get it right. So, if you have to ingest all of that information, we think you oughta be able to have a good time with it.

That’s why ClickBank is thrilled to announce the debut of our newest YouTube series… The ClickBank Moneyshow! Hosted by one of our all-star affiliate managers, Darcy Erickson, The Moneyshow is tailored to affiliates who are figuring out the best way to get the hang of building their online empire and those who want a little refresher on what’s happening in the performance marketing world. 

With each episode coming in under four minutes, keeping up to date on performance marketing trends, affiliate tools, and campaign best practices isn’t too much of a commitment. The rapid-fire style of these bite-sized episodes keeps the insights (and jokes) coming quick.

“We wanted to keep it short, sweet, and entertaining.” said Director of Content, Taylor Utt, “There’s a lot of information out there for affiliates. The Moneyshow offers both industry insight and entertainment.”

Episodes of The ClickBank Moneyshow will be released each week and provide information that is relevant and quick to implement. Episode One provides viewers with a quick rundown of the top five email service provider companies. In a little under four minutes, viewers will find out about what ESP may best for them. The fifth place “Best ESP” spot goes to ActiveCampaign. Known as “an all-in-one marketing platform,” ActiveCampaign is best for clean responsive themes and some of the best automation in the industry. 

Spot four goes to MailerLite. MailerLite is the best option for global email sends. The platform is optimized for international communication and makes connecting around the world easier. 

Want to find out what the top three ESPs are? Check out Episode One here. And don’t forget to hit the subscribe button to see new episodes of The Moneyshow released weekly! 

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