Introducing Cart!

Now available! We are proud to announce Cart, ClickBank’s multi-line transaction platform. With this functionality, vendors provide their customers the ability to purchase multiple products, at the same time, in a single transaction.

This is your opportunity to create a cohesive shopping experience for your customers! Pick and choose the products available, integrate with your existing storefront, and see the ultimate increase in the average transaction value of every purchase.

Previously, purchases of multiple products at once was a headache as each transaction had to be separate. But with the effective utilization of Cart, some vendors during our beta period have seen an increase in up to 80% of average transaction value.

Of the new shopping experience, ClickBank CEO Matt Hulett said, “Cart has been a huge missing piece to the ClickBank arsenal and we are excited to see how it will be used, especially as we expand our company into physical goods.”


Order Summary: A snapshot of products purchased via Cart.

Cart is ideal for products that are complementary to one another. Think for example, a fitness product plus a membership to a fitness website, etc. Additionally Cart transactions can start upsells flows, support coupons in addition to a handful of other ClickBank features. Furthermore, all transactions are reflected in reporting.

Important note for implementation: for Cart to be used, an additional parameter will need to be passed on the ClickBank paylink. This provides details of all of the products to be purchased in the transaction. Clients without extensive programming skills should refrain from implementing the cart paylink updates without first enlisting the services of an experienced programmer.

To get started, or to learn more, please refer to the Cart Knowledge Base Article.

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