Three of the Fastest Ways to Make Money on ClickBank in 2020

In this article, I’m going to show you 3 easy ways to find affiliate products on ClickBank and earn your first $1,000 without paying for advertising or building websites.

Believe it or not, it can be done.   

In fact, what I’m about to share with you is exactly how I got started many years ago, and today, as a product owner, this is what thousands of my own affiliates are doing to quit their day jobs and earn a solid income from home with ClickBank.

First off, let’s go over the most important part:

You MUST find a red-hot category and choose a product that’s proven to sell on ClickBank. With thousands of products to choose from on ClickBank, it can feel overwhelming deciding which ones to promote. For me, the best products have always been anything to do with health, wealth, or relationships. When it comes to promotable categories, these are known as “The Big Three.” It’s where most people spend their money. Plus, “The Big Three” offer solutions to problems that people want solved fast. People want to save their marriage. They want to lose weight before their wedding. They want to make an extra $500 in a weekend. You get the idea. 

So, let’s start with the wealth industry. 

To find products in the wealth niche, search the e-business or e-marketing category on ClickBank and you’re sure to find an array of products that help people make money by starting or growing their own business. Within these categories, you can use the filter to show products that have a high gravity score. The gravity score is a ClickBank-exclusive formula that determines how hot a product is at any given moment. The higher the score, the better, because a high score means other affiliates are making cash with this offer, and you can too.

Some other things to keep in mind when searching for a product are:

  • Does the product vendor have an affiliate page?
    The affiliate page is a page that product vendors create to provide affiliates with resources to promote their product. This page is essential for making money fast with ClickBank. It saves time and energy when it comes to product promotion. 
  • Does the product sales page look good and does it include a video?
    Video sales letters (aka VSLs) often convert better than text-only pages. Take the time to check out the video and ask yourself, “Would I buy this?” Read the sales page too. Does it have a compelling message that grabs your attention? Are you excited about the product after experiencing the content? If not, chances are other people will feel the same way and you won’t make any sales. 

Once you’ve found a product that ticks these boxes, head over to the vendor’s affiliate page. This is where you’ll get your special affiliate link and the tools and resources to begin promoting the product and making money. 

OK, now you’ve got a product to promote, this is where the real fun begins!

Here are 3 steps to start making money with ClickBank fast and free.

1. Create a Reddit post.

Reddit is jam-packed with potential buyers. Let’s say you’re promoting an eBook creator tool, like Sqribble (which ticks all the boxes we mentioned earlier.) This is a tool that almost every online marketer and business owner can use to quickly create free reports, eBooks, and other formatted content they can sell, or give away to people in order to build their list. In Reddit, simply search for a subreddit related to online marketing, list building, email marketing, or even something more general, like starting or growing a business.

Next, visit the vendor’s affiliate page and grab a ready-made article to use. Top vendors (like,for example) will have completed articles you can use to promote their products.

Then, reword the article so that it’s in your own voice. Perhaps you could add a few thoughts of your own. 

When you create your post, make sure it sounds personal and friendly. You don’t want your post to sound too much like a sales pitch. Try starting the article with, “Hi guys. I know a lot of people struggle with creating and designing ebooks. Here are a few tips that might help.”

Then post the article to Reddit. Reddit doesn’t allow direct promotion of products so you can’t include your affiliate link directly inside the post. Instead, see who engages with your post (i.e leaves a positive comment or asks a question) and then simply reach out to them via DM. In your DM, you can answer their question, ask them if they have any other questions, then send them your affiliate link as a suggested tool to make it even easier to get the job done.

For more sales, consider offering them some kind of bonus to encourage them to buy through your affiliate link. A lot of product vendors will even provide you with these free bonuses you can offer!

2. Do a YouTube video review.

This is one of my favorite methods. These days, it’s so easy to create a 5-minute video that talks about the product, what you love about it, and what you don’t like.

I recommend that you actually buy and use the product to be able to provide an honest review. This will allow you to walk viewers through the tool directly on the screen, which builds trust and shows your review is genuine.

Be sure to optimize your video title, description, and keywords so that it shows up alongside other related videos and when people search for that product on Google and YouTube. And don’t forget to include your affiliate link in the description!

3. Reach out and answer people.

This is another classic approach that can make you sales for free. Answer sites like Quora have thousands of people who have a problem that your chosen ClickBank product can solve. For example, let’s say we’re promoting (a tool that allows you to create eBooks and Reports in minutes without writing a single word). 

Check out Quora and search for people who are asking questions about how to create free reports and eBooks. These people clearly are looking for a tool to help them. You’ll also find lots of people on Reddit and social media looking for answers to a specific question. By answering their question and showing them how to get results fast with the product you’re promoting, you’ve provided value and guided them to their solution. And, if they don’t buy, there’s a good chance someone else will after reading your answer too. Over time, your answer can become a steady source of clicks and commissions for you.

And finally, don’t overcomplicate this!

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to promote ClickBank products for free, without any paid advertising or a website. It doesn’t have to be complicated. What matters is that you stick with it. Show up every day and follow these methods until you’re making regular sales, day after day. This is how some of the most successful affiliates get started and are now earning thousands of dollars a day. As you begin to make sales, it’s a good idea to reinvest some or all of your earnings into paid advertising and building your own website to capture emails. This way, you create a tribe of subscribers that you can promote other products to month after month, providing you with a predictable and lasting income.

Making your first ClickBank sale is a real rush of excitement. With these 3 methods, you can soon feel that buzz and be well on your way to earning your first $1,000 on ClickBank sooner than you think!

Again, I have to stress, don’t give up. If you consistently use these methods to promote proven, high-quality ClickBank products that solve real problems for people, you’ll be setting yourself up for a fantastic new lifestyle for you and your family. 

Interested in joining ClickBank as an affiliate? Get started by signing up for an account. Want to make your next affiliate commission with a high converting product? Checkout the affiliate page for Sqribble here and get the best affiliate tools and resources to help you!

Adeel Chowdhry
Sqribble | ClickBank Platinum Vendor