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Taboola powers recommendations for the open web, helping people discover things they may like. Prior to today’s transaction, more than 15,000 advertisers used Taboola to reach over 500 million daily active users in a brand-safe environment. Taboola is a leader in powering e-commerce recommendations, driving more than 1 million monthly transactions each month.

Partner with Confidence

Taboola is Your Performance Partner to Drive Quality Traffic, Maximize Conversions and Reach your Target Audience

  1. Reach: Over 1.5 Billion unique users monthly across mobile & desktop.

  2. Premium Publishers: Access to 22,000+ premium publishers including Bloomberg, NBC, Business Insider and more.

  3. Native Ads: Relevant and highly targeted ads that deliver 10x higher engagement than traditional ads.

  4. High Conversion Rates: Maximize revenue with auto-optimization of bids to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns.

  5. Brand Safety: Control where your ads are served and what surrounds them.

  6. Trend Analysis: Recommendations on topics, images and keywords that are producing results in your category.

Nofar Mamrud

VP Marketing, Tadiran Group

We were excited when we saw that Taboola High Impact video not only moved the needle on brand awareness KPIs, allowing us to educate the market on our new technology, but also drove the majority of leads across all channels — including search and social.

Luke Watkin

Director of Native, MVF

Taboola Ads’ user-friendly design and constantly evolving capabilities make it the perfect platform to achieve rapid scale for The Eco Experts and MVF. Taboola is a key player in The Eco Experts’ media mix and a consistently strong performer in terms of reliable volume and ROI. Taboola’s account management team has also helped MVF achieve maximum scale and profitability through clever, datadriven insights and exposure to the latest Taboola product developments.

Carrie Zhang

Director of Funding Growth

Working with Taboola was easy and effective. Their helpful account management team allowed us to get up and running with effective creatives that ultimately exceeded our expectations in terms of ROAS.

Víctor Valles

Head of Growth, Zazume

Taboola delivered the highest quality leads among all of our acquisition channels, including search and social. Thanks to Image Ads and retargeting tools, Taboola now accounts for 4% of our total leads at Zazume. We’re excited to keep investing in Taboola campaigns and increasing results.

Amanda Kennedy

Media & Conversion Strategist, Morgan & Co.

Our campaign included both sponsored content and video. We had the primary goal of driving website sessions and the secondary goal of event conversions on our client’s website. Out of all of the platforms we used for video, the Taboola campaign was really a success across the board. We were pleased to see that traditional metrics translated into both sessions and events.

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