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Since 2016, East 5th Avenue has been a trusted solution provider for direct response and ecommerce marketers wanting to scale their revenue with affiliates and influencers. We can help you build an affiliate program, hire and train your affiliate manager, and scale your revenue with affiliate mastermind connections and networks. We’ve already helped many of Clickbank's offers rise to the top, helped our clients make over $500M in affiliate revenue, hired and trained over 650 rockstar affiliate managers, and paid out over $37M in affiliate commissions through our programs. East 5th Avenue makes scaling with affiliates and influencers easier and more profitable.
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East 5th Avenue makes scaling with affiliates and influencers easier and more profitable.


We can help you build an affiliate program, hire and train your affiliate manager, and scale your revenue with affiliate mastermind connections and networks.


BUILD AN AFFILIATE PROGRAM – Focus on scalability, predictability, and being the most appealing program possible so your partners want to promote you over and over again.


In this step by step course we’ll take you through all the core elements of building a profitable and scalable affiliate program. We make it easy by providing all of the instructions, templates, and scripts you need to build a full playbook for your affiliate program.


-> What is Affiliate Marketing?

-> Key Elements of an Affiliate Program

-> Build and Test Your Funnel

-> Choose a Compensation Structure

-> Important Affiliate Program Policies

-> First Profitable Partner Promotion


HIRE AND TRAIN YOUR AFFILIATE MANAGER – Avoid the time, cost and headache of finding a superstar affiliate manager that will grow your affiliate revenue consistently month after month. We have a proven system of not only avoiding hiring mistakes, but finding A level talent. East 5th Avenue has placed and trained over 500 affiliate managers, which gives us the experience to both recruit and qualify both entry level and experienced affiliate managers.


Our team at East 5th Avenue will assist in recruiting, training, and building a list of connections for your new affiliate manager so that they can get started at an accelerated pace and level.


-> We Run Ads To Find You Candidates

-> We Test All Candidates

-> We Complete Screening Interviews

-> We Bring You Up To (3) Three Qualified Candidates

-> We Help Train Your New Recruit via Affiliate Accelerator coaching program

-> We Introduce Your New Recruit To Traffic Tribe Community


AFFILIATE ACCELERATOR COACHING PROGRAM – Easily boost your profitability with our 16 week coaching program that will take your inconsistent, low performing affiliate team and turn them into confident, competent, high performing salespeople bringing in 7-figures or more. This is a “done-with-you” program.


-> Enroll Bigger Affiliates

-> Execute Better Product Launches

-> Scale Your Evergreen Offer

-> Streamline Your Affiliate Program

-> Generate More Traffic For Your Offer


TRAFFIC TRIBE AFFILIATE MASTERMIND COMMUNITY – Quickly scale your affiliate revenue & reach with the world’s most trusted affiliate marketing mastermind community that delivers market-tested strategies from top digital marketing gurus and access to a vetted group of partnership marketers – every single month.


It’s a monthly virtual mastermind where tens of millions of dollars in partnerships are created each year. There’s 100+ 7-8-9 figure health companies in there who show up to meet twice a month… in there you will literally meet the offer owner, or their affiliate manager and create partnerships. We’re talking about companies who have active email lists of 10,000 – 2.5 million.


-> Monthly Live Masterclasses & Tee Up Calls 

-> Community Breakout & Networking Sessions

-> Membership Rolodex 

-> Exclusive Online Community 

-> Masterminds With Top Marketing Gurus

-> Learning Library With Industry Leading Support


Traffic Tribe covers a wide spectrum of business growth strategies, including:


-> Affiliate Marketing

-> Funnel Building

-> ​Split Testing

-> ​Media Buying

-> ​Affiliate Launches

-> Copywriting

-> ​Affiliate Networks

-> Automations

-> ​Lead Generation

-> ​Evergreen Offers

-> IG, FB and Youtube

-> ​Email List Management

-> Affiliate Platforms

-> ​Podcasts

-> ​And much more…


GOLDENBERRI Health & Financial Network Platform – Designed to make it easy for brands and partners to connect and seamlessly make deals through our extensive database of top-quality traffic providers in the industry.


-> High-converting offers

-> High-payouts

-> Support from our affiliate managers to make sure you’re getting the best ROI on your campaigns and funnels

-> Concierge service

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Ashton Marshall

Mindful Health

“Whether you’re a brand new affiliate manager, an offer owner or a veteran affiliate manager, I highly recommend the Affiliate Accelerator. East 5th Avenue laid out the A to Z of what it takes to create a successful Affiliate Program. For example, I came into a company that had $0 in affiliate revenue and took that company within the first year to mid-high 7-figures. I highly recommend the Affiliate Accelerator program to anyone in the affiliate space. You should not have your affiliate manager trying to operate your affiliate department without it.”

Katie J Bankard

Agora Financial

“Affiliate Accelerator program really challenges you to dig deep into your affiliate program to discover your biggest players and challenges to overcome. It really makes you take a deeper dive into reporting and stats of all of your affiliate partners. I uncovered a lot of great information for us to move forward.”

Daniel Miller

Beekeeper's Naturals

"East 5th Avenue guarantees that you get an ROI from working with them. We had an affiliate program that was doing okay but East 5th Avenue made the tweaks and put processes in place to make our affiliate program a big revenue generator for our business. They've also helped us hire and train a rockstar affiliate manager to continue running our successful affiliate program for us. Amber helped us revamp out negotiation tactics and add a 2nd tier program. Now our affiliate partners are delighted to work with us! I would consult with East 5th Avenue 100 times over and over again to continue to grow with their help."

Alvin Huang


“East 5th Avenue totally has Affiliate Management down to a fine art, and everyone should learn from them. Our Affiliate Department went from $100k a month to $2m a month in sales within a year. We've stayed as a consulting client ever since and experienced affiliate revenue growth year over year.”

Annmarie Gianni

Annmarie SkinCare

“After working with East 5th Avenue, our affiliate revenue has increased by 15% over last year. We would highly recommend working with East 5th to get the specific recommendations for your business to succeed with affiliate marketing.”

Christine Faler

Paleo Valley

“Traffic Tribe is a great opportunity to meet new affiliates, make deals and learn from the leaders in the affiliate marketing world. Signed nine deals at the bi-weekly Traffic Tribe virtual event, what would have normally taken months of meetings, calls, cold reach outs, and back and forth negotiations emails! Best return on investment ever!”

Cristina McKay


"3.7 Million Dollar Affiliate Revenue Growth In One Year Thanks To Traffic Tribe."

James Klein

Harmonium Health Supplements

“The business I’ve done through Traffic Tribe has paid for the entire year’s membership in under 45 days."

Amy Reichert

My Green Fills

"I made 20 deals at Dealmaking Live event and met 100 new affiliate partners over the past 3 years with Traffic Tribe. And you will learn more strategies than you could ever learn from a book or conference."

Charles Gregory

Founder, Club EarlyBird

“I truly appreciate when I can hire someone or a company and they can get the job done with little back and forth. East 5th Avenue was able to go above and beyond with their amazing system for finding kick-ass affiliate managers. It was seamless and super easy. Our new affiliate manager, Oksana has been an AMAZING fit! She’s so enthusiastic and amazing to work with. She’s lifted our entire company culture. And is taking our affiliate program to the next level. My favorite hire in 2023 Oksana has already struck many brand collaboration deals which have formed amazing partnerships. We’re in the early stages of building out our affiliate program, but Oksana has opened the door to making this a 7-figure channel in 2023.”

Mike Westerdal

President, Critical Bench, Inc

“Thank you East5thAvenue for helping me hire the ideal affiliate manager. You made it easy by pre-screening everyone, running the personality tests and sending me qualified candidates to interview. I had my doubts, but the process was easy and efficient. It saved me so much time. The affiliate manager I hired even went through your training program and they are crushing it in the industry now. All our affiliate products are selling above their previous baselines and we are hitting PRs every month. The affiliate manager you helped us hire and train is a great fit for our company culture and a vital part of the marketing team. Thank you for the help! I highly recommend East5thAvenue if you're looking to hire an affiliate manager. The cost is totally worth it.”