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Our reputation and steady growth doing fulfillment since before the internet has help us become the best in class for those ready to grow and scale . We ship daily around the world 7 days a week and we can handle the largest volume spikes ever in ClickBank history. Our IT team is strong and talented, available and easy to reach and talk too. Our account managers , project managers and customer service team all love to serve you. We have grown our business by unsolicited referrals from our raving fan clients.
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Upgrade your fulfillment experience with the caring , expert team @DISK – Let our one of a kind concierge service help eliminate the headaches and stress of getting you unique products and message to your clients, so you can focus on important things like developing new products , growing your business, and making the world a better place.

The Disk Fulfillment method:
1-     Onboard and meet your DISK team- Triangle of concierge service- with you at the center- Designated Customer service specialist and Sales Consultant, Direct Access to fulfillment department and management- -You will always be able to communicate with a live and caring DISK team member.

2-     You will receive a carefully crafted custom tailored fulfillment plan built around your specific needs and unique products.  All with no restrictive contract or additional fees.

3-     You will receive your own internal fulfillment portal at DISK with easy to understand set up forms. Along with, unique access codes for your team that can provide full or individualized access to your information 24/7. Redundancies for safety in all aspects of our operation

4-     Access to our top notch in-house integration/IT team to help link you’re shopping carts and landing pages to your DISK portal – help in answering questions, providing custom programming and support quickly and efficiently. This team is one of our super powers.

5-     Simple and transparent monthly billing available for your Fulfillment- shipping- and packaging needs, with no hidden charges or surprises.

6-     Stock and custom packaging, printing, kitting services and so much more all in one place- no need to go anywhere else.

7-     Our 777 fulfillment process- ships 7 days a week- 24/7 portal access, Seventeen custom real time reports available at any-time.  It’s like hitting the Jackpot! More fulfillment perks: pay per shipment – free warehousing- No extra charges  free shopping cart integration-email confirmations-tech support-  returns processing- ship via USPS, UPS, DHL, Fed Ex and more- stock and custom packaging available- preset minimum, maximums, and reorder levels- inventory management-able to handle spikes and rapid growth- shipping discounts available-ship worldwide. Lots of Add On Services In House: Attached printing and packaging facility, Outsourcing capabilities, Promotional products, Kitting and Assembly Services- Event materials, Additional products capabilities: Journals, Books, Workbooks, Registration cards, Optical media, Flash Drives, Flyers, Video Brochures, Flyers, package inserts, Premium Client Gift Box Sets, and much more! Wrap up: No need to go anywhere else! We can do it all!

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