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Shmuel Herschberg

Company Name: Shyn Media

Speciality: CRO (conversion rate optimization), SEM and Media Buying (Google properties), Email Marketing and Marketing Automation, Copywriting, Business Development


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Shmuel Herschberg is the face of Shyn Media and is an independent, digital marketing consultant with over a decade’s worth of experience in the direct-to-consumer health and wellness industry. Data-driven, with a proven track record of growing revenues and scaling business, Shmuel offers a wide range of services to help you shine in a crowded market – among these services are media buying and email marketing. He has used affiliate marketing channels to help create added value to email marketing programs and has a knack for finding great offers and partnerships.

Ideal Client

An ideal client for Shmuel is a company that is “pre-agency” level or starting to ramp up activities and needs help “gluing” it all together. Shmuel’s amazing personality and professionalism makes him an ideal business partner. With a wealth of knowledge, he can jump in as a fractional CMO and help you see the larger picture, or dive deep into particular channels and help you get the most value out of them.


 – Conversion rate optimization         – Marketing automation

– Landing pages    – SEM


Don’t just take our word for it - listen to those whose businesses have seen tremendous growth because of these experts.

"Shmuel is an awesome man and important partner and team member at Barton. He has executed SEM strategies that have been instrumental in our recent hockey stick growth! He has also added a ton of value in our email autoresponders and it’s been a joy working with him! He’s hard working, diligent, smart, organized and he gets results! Shmuel is the best!"

Joe Barton

CEO at Barton Publishing

"Shmuel manages our email marketing and is both an expert in email marketing and in the health & wellness space. I've known him for many years now and it's an absolute pleasure working with him."

Rafi Magen

CEO at Kendago

"I LOVE working with Shmuel! He is on top of a million things all at once and I never have to wait to get what I need, he is friendly and funny and incredibly easy to work with. His attention to detail, responsiveness, experience and skill set just make him the perfect partner as both a promoting partner and one whose offers we promote."

Dee Braun

Director of Operations at Peak Biome