The Funnel Builder Made Specifically for ClickBank Affiliates

For the first time ever, ClickBank has created the only affiliate marketing funnel builder designed specifically for promoting ClickBank offers and running affiliate traffic.

And guess what? We’ve built the entire platform based around what’s working for our most successful affiliates…

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Landing Page Builder

Funnel Builder

Email Marketing

Contact Management


Done-for-You Templates

Start with Confidence

Generate Your First Funnel with Three Clicks

With ClickBank’s custom funnel generator, you’ll answer three simple questions:

  • 01 Are you an affiliate or seller?
  • 02 What is your niche?
  • 03 What is your traffic source?

Then we’ll automatically generate high-converting funnel templates for you that fit your niche and traffic source. Each template comes preloaded with images, colors, and layouts that are ready for launch–or for you to personally customize!

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Build. Attract. Convert. Earn.

All Your Affiliate Tools in One Place

Most affiliates have to piece together expensive softwares to successfully run their business.

Accelerator allows you to build, launch and manage your funnels, blogs, or websites all from one single platform.

Capture emails, connect automation, tag/organize your leads, and connect custom domains, all while monitoring your funnel’s performance.

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Everything you need. Nothing You don’t.

Affiliate Marketing, Simplified

You won’t have to constantly sift through useless features and bloat most funnel builders are full of. We’ve stripped out all the things you’ll never use, and built the only tools you’ll need.

We focused on simplicity.

Our goal was to make this the simplest and easiest-to-use tool available so that you can start earning faster.

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Plus Other Essential Tools to Help You Earn Commissions

Landing Page Builder

Create affiliate-specific landing pages that effectively convert cold traffic into buyers

Funnel Builder

Easily build multi-step funnels to seamlessly guide your leads through each step of the buying journey and increase conversions

Email Marketing

Send targeted emails and leverage email automation to continue to market to your audience and boost sales

Contact Management

Keep track of your leads all in one place with a simple tagging contact management system


Gain valuable insights into your funnel’s performance and make data-driven decisions to increase your commissions

Done-for-You Templates

Get started quickly with the templates that thousands of successful affiliates are already using for their landing pages, funnels, and email campaigns

Get Your Affiliate Business Up in Minutes, Even If You Don’t Have:

Design Skills

All of our templates are pulled from proven affiliate marketing funnels that are actually generating sale, no design guess work required

Affiliate Marketing Knowledge

Our custom onboarding will provide you with everything you need to get your funnels ready to start driving traffic, no experience required

Website Building Experience

With simple drag and drop modules and tons of premade templates, building pages is as simple as a couple of clicks

Previous Sales Experience

Our templates come with proven strategies so you don’t have to guess on how much or how little to write

Coding Expertise

Everything inside accelerator is built for new affiliate marketers to use, you will never have to interact with any code

Email Experience

Our email tools are simple and easy to navigate. Plus we’ve included ready to use email swipes from some of our top offers.

ClickBank’s All-in-one Affiliate Marketing Tool


Accelerator Features

ClickBank Proprietary Features

  • Intelligent Funnel Generator
  • Proven Affiliate Funnel Templates
  • Pre-written Email Sequences for ClickBank Top Offers

Landing Page Builder

  • Unlimited Pages
  • Website & Blog Builder
  • Hosting Included
  • Customize & Sync Brand Assets

Email Marketing Suite

  • 4 Newsletter Campaigns per Month
  • Email Templates Constantly Updated

Lead Management Center

  • Up to 10,000 contacts
  • 15 Active Funnels
  • Easily Tag & Organize Contacts

Analytics + Funnel Reporting

  • Visitors
  • Clicks
  • Conversion Rates


Ready to give Accelerator a try? Sign up today and get full access for $47/mo.

Start building your affiliate funnels today.

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6 MONTHS FOR $33/mo

Best Value!Save an additional 30% when you sign up for Accelerator for 6 months.

For just $197 ($33/mo) you can get full access to Accelerator and start building your funnels in minutes…

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100,000+ Affiliates, Over $5+ Billion Paid Out

At ClickBank, our business grows when your business grows. We’ve combined our 20+ years of industry experience and put our learnings into Accelerator with one goal in mind – making you our next biggest success story.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Because ClickBank makes money when you make money, we are the only company that cares about you ACTUALLY making money on ClickBank. The rest just want to nickel and dime you for cash.

You don’t have to use Accelerator to make sales on ClickBank, but the vast majority of successful affiliates on our platform do use at least one or more of the tools provided inside Accelerator.

No. You can send traffic directly to your hoplink. However, it’s highly recommended that you create a page where your traffic can be pre-sold before you send them to the sales page via your hoplink. We’ve seen success skyrocket when done this way.

No. You can use ClickBank without Accelerator. We created Accelerator based on feedback from our affiliates that wanted to start promoting and realized they had to have additional tools to be successful. Using Accelerator is the only additional tool created and backed by the ClickBank team designed to make you successful on ClickBank.

Spark is ClickBank’s education program designed to teach you how to make your first $2,000 online as an affiliate in as little as 90 days. Inside Spark, you’ll get access to industry leading resources, courses, and a thriving community of like minded affiliates. Spark also provides in depth tutorials using Accelerator and showcasing how our top affiliates leverage tools similar to those inside Accelerator to generate millions in commissions.

You can! You can connect up to 15 domains. Instructions on how to do that can be found inside your account.

Your purchase comes backed with a 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you’d like to cancel accelerator or spark, please email our support at 

Generate Commissions, Faster.

Get access to the first marketing funnel builder, email marketing platform, and CRM designed solely for affiliate marketing with ClickBank’s groundbreaking Instant Funnel Generator.

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