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ClickBank | Everflow

Step 1: Log in to your ClickBank Account.
NOTE: In order to complete integrations, you must have a primary ClickBank account and an account nickname.
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Step 2: Click the Accounts tab.


Step 3: Click the account nickname that you want to integrate with Everflow.

Step 4: Click Vendor Settings and then My Site.


Step 5: Find the Advanced Tools section and click Edit.


Step 6: If you already have a code in the Secret Key field, copy that and save it somewhere handy. If you don’t have a code in the Secret Key enter one and then copy and save it. Then, click Save Changes.
Note: DO NOT close this window.
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Step 7: In a separate tab, log in to your Everflow account.

Step 8: Click the hamburger icon to reveal the menu and then click Control Center.


Step 9: Click Integrations. 

Step 10: Select the E-Commerce tab and find the ClickBank. Click Add.



Step 11: Toggle Enabled to the On position and enter the secret key that you saved from ClickBank. Click Save. 



Step 12: Return to the ClickBank window and paste the following URL into the Instant Notification URL field:

NOTE: DO NOT leave this screen or click Save Changes yet.


Step 13: Return to the Everflow window and return to the Control Center. Then click Configuration.


Step 14: Click General and then copy the 3-digit code listed under the ID header.


Step 15: Return to the ClickBank window and replace the XXX of the URL pasted in the Instant Notification URL field with the 3-digit code from Everflow.


Step 16: Click Test IPN. When the IPN is verified, click Save Changes to complete the integration. Proceed to formatting your paylinks for tracking.

Step 17: When the IPN is verified, click Save Changes to complete the integration. Proceed to formatting your paylinks for tracking.


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How to Format Your ClickBank Paylinks for your Everflow Integration

Step 1: Create your payment link.
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SELLER = Your account nickname
ITEM = The item number of your product

Step 2: Add the ef-transaction-id parameter to your payment link.

SELLER = Your account nickname
ITEM = The item number of your product
TRANSACTIONID = Your Everflow  transaction tracking ID you are using for this payment link.


Use this payment link in your pitch page to track clicks and conversions.

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How to Format Your ClickBank HopLinks for your Everflow Integration

Step 1: Log in to your ClickBank Account. 

Step 2: Click Accounts and then select the account that you want to promote from.

Step 3: Access the ClickBank Marketplace.

Step 4: Find an offer you want to promote and click Promote on the Marketplace listing.
NOTE: Some offers may require seller approval. If that’s the case, contact the seller for permission to promote their offer.

Step 5: In the HopLink Creator, enter your Everflow Tracking ID in the Tracking ID field and click Create HopLink.
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Step 6: An encrypted HopLink will be generated with the Tracking ID you provided. To copy the HopLink, click Copy.

Use this HopLink to promote ClickBank products in your marketing materials.
NOTE: You can also manually create HopLinks. However, manually created HopLinks will not be encrypted unless you encrypt them using the HopLink Shield.
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Integration Information

  • If you just enabled INS for your account, know that for the first 48 hours the data passed may not be accurate or reliable.
  • Everflow will only process INS that have a transaction_type of SALE or BILL. Both of these types will result in a base conversion on your offer.
  • sale_amount in Everflow is based on the totalOrderAmount field in ClickBank.
  • TESTTEST_BILL, and TEST_SALE events will be processed but will result in base conversion in Everflow that will be forced into a Payout & Revenue of $0. Everlow will add adv1 to the value of clickbank_test to make it easier to understand why the Payout & Revenue are $0.

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