ClickBank vs JVZoo
Which is Better For You?

If you’re trying to decide between ClickBank vs JVZoo as your chosen affiliate marketplace, here’s a quick look at how the two stack up:

Instant signup and instant promotion for most affiliate offers


Manual approval required for each individual product

Standard commissions of 70% to 90%


Standard commissions of 50% to 100%

7.5% + $1 fee per transaction, $49.95 setup fee for sellers


5% fee per transaction, no setup fee for sellers

~3000 products


~7500 products

23 product categories (and dozens of subcategories)


22 product categories total, but product count is heavily skewed toward internet marketing/e-commerce niche

25 Years in business


12 Years in business

Rigorous review process to maintain a minimum standard of quality


Lower barrier to entry, which means more variable product quality

Both RevShare and CPA Commissions


Primarily RevShare

$10 payment threshold


$50 payment threshold

Primary Product Type: Physical products


Primary Product Type: Digital products

JVZoo vs ClickBank

What’s the difference between JVZoo and ClickBank?

It’s mostly about the type of business you’re in and what kind of product quality you’re looking for. ClickBank was founded back in 1998, and we have a powerful combination of the highest quality offers, the most successful affiliates, and the best in-house experts in the space.

JVZoo was founded much more recently in 2011, and it primarily supports digital product vendors and affiliates with an emphasis on the internet marketing niche. Both networks serve affiliate marketers and product owners, with a similar signup process and comparable commission rates.

Want to find out more? Here’s how these two platforms stack up!

Introducing ClickBank

ClickBank is one of the longest-running and most-trusted affiliate networks in the industry. Since 1998, our popular affiliate marketplace has connected thousands of affiliate marketers and product owners looking to grow their businesses online.

You can find thousands of high-converting products on ClickBank, including products with a high average order value in the triple digits ($100+). Our top offers make it possible for media buyer affiliates to run highly profitable paid campaigns.

A few important things to know about ClickBank:

Variety of offers

ClickBank features high-converting products in 23 different product categories (with dozens of subcategories for you to choose from)

CPA and RevShare

ClickBank supports both CPA and RevShare commissions for affiliates (and for vendors who want the flexibility to attract the best affiliates)

Digital and Physical Products

Since 2014, we’ve supported both digital and physical products on the ClickBank marketplace

Introducing JVZoo

JVZoo offers a marketplace where vendors can list products and affiliates can find products to promote. One difference from ClickBank is that JVZoo vendors never have to pay to get listed on JVZoo or pay any ongoing fees – they only pay a transaction fee per sale generated.

This has it pros and cons, as it makes the affiliate network more accessible to vendors and product owners – but it also make it easier for a lot more clutter and lower quality products to find their way onto JVZoo.

Another thing to know about JVZoo is that it’s a heavily digital-focused affiliate platform, including ebooks, courses, and software. In addition, many of its thousands of listed products are actually private label rights (PLR) content bundles, a very specific type of digital offer that provides buyers with content like ebooks, articles, or software they can claim as their own.

In terms of offer variety, you’re going to be more limited on JVZoo. I looked it up on JVZoo’s marketplace and found that roughly 75% of the products on JVZoo are in the Internet Marketing / E-commerce category.

So, if you’re an affiliate looking to promote “make money online” type digital products, JVZoo is the ideal choice for you. But if you have an interest in physical products or products in other niches, I recommend you learn more about ClickBank!

Why Affiliates Come to ClickBank

Here are just a few of the reasons why affiliates come to ClickBank to grow their businesses online.

Promote products that sell

Access to high-converting offers

Far and away, the top reason why affiliates come to ClickBank is because our marketplace is home to thousands of quality offers that convert! ClickBank has a strong team in place to vet the products that get listed on our marketplace, so you can expect all available offers to meet the highest standards.

Get paid your way

Fast, reliable payments

As the merchant of record, we automatically route funds from every transaction to the seller and affiliate, including both CPA and RevShare commissions. To date, we’ve never missed a payment – all affiliates can expect reliable and fast payouts, up to twice weekly.

Powerful product suite

All-in-one solution for affiliates

We’re more than just a marketplace. ClickBank has a full suite of products in place to help affiliates succeed, including powerful tracking and reporting tools, affiliate education, and more.

Why Sellers Come to ClickBank

Discover just a few of the reasons why sellers and product owners love working with ClickBank to build their businesses and power their affiliate programs.

Tap into a massive affiliate network

Affiliate Access

ClickBank has tens of thousands of active affiliates, including hundreds of Platinum affiliates with more than $250K per year of sales on our platform. As a seller, you can work with ClickBank to get your offer promoted by the best marketers in the business.

Hand off the hard stuff

Powerful Suite of Products

Sellers and product owners get access to a wide array of back-office features on ClickBank, including in-depth tracking, integrated payment solutions, tax remittance, 1099 management, and customer service.

Get paid, no matter what

Unlimited Processing Caps

Never worry about getting paid again! ClickBank can ensure you enjoy unlimited processing caps, because we’re operating as payment processor with our own MID. We routinely support merchants and brands on ClickBank with five-figure or even six-figure days (i.e. millions of dollars in revenue per year).

The Latest Changes on ClickBank

ClickBank has changed. If you haven’t been on ClickBank in a few years – or ten – let’s talk about how we’ve made our platform better for you!

Digital and physical products

A wide variety of products are available to list and promote on ClickBank, including the following physical categories: physical consumable, physical non-consumable, physical cosmetic, and CBD.

RevShare and CPA commission options

ClickBank affiliates and sellers can now opt for revenue share (RevShare) or cost-per-action (CPA) commissions on a case-by-case basis. Choose how you want to get paid!

Integration with Shopify

Sellers interested in building an affiliate program through ClickBank can integrate with their Shopify stores for reporting and fulfillment.

Updated marketplace

Recent enhancements to the ClickBank marketplace, including a modern facelift, new filters, and updated metrics.

Tech Integrations

ClickBank features dozens of tech integrations to power your tech stack, including Voluum, RedTrack, CB Split, ClickFunnels, and Everflow.

One-time payment and recurring billing

It’s easy to set up ongoing revenue splits for product rebills.

More from our clients

ClickBank has helped more than 100,000 clients find greater business success online. Here’s what just a few of them had to say about working with us!


I’m an experienced digital marketing expert with 13+ years of presence in the affiliate marketing area – and I’m a seasoned media buyer in Facebook, Google, Microsoft. I have worked with various native ads networks such as Taboola, Revcontent, Outbrain, Content.ad, Yahoo Gemini, and MGID. And I have $20M in native ads media buying for my affiliate offers.

If you’re looking for a high-quality affiliate network to work with, you don’t go wrong with ClickBank. You get access to a wide range of affiliate offers in a closed, safe, and brand-protected environment. ClickBank offers very high commissions, as high as 75%, and it is known for its regular reliable payouts, which is a huge drawcard.

There are plenty of products sold on a recurring basis, which means a great source of recurring income for you, as well as products with upsell options to help boost your income. For serious affiliate marketers who want a program that’s work investing their and effort, then ClickBank is the way to go.

Umee H. Platinum ClickBank Affiliate

I started running PPC on Google back in 2010 for my music publishing business. Discovered affiliate marketing around 2015-ish when I met some super-affiliates doing crazy numbers per day through ClickBank. So I decided to try the affiliate model and haven’t looked back since.

I’ve seen amazing results. 7 figure results. The offers just work. And consistently. You can easily run consistent 5 figure days for months on end with ClickBank offers. I’ve even seen 6 figure days.

Jeff B. Active Gold ClickBank Affiliate

Frequently Asked Questions

First, you should sign up for a free ClickBank account here. Then, you can browse the ClickBank marketplace and find offers to promote in your chosen niche or vertical.

For more information, check out our ClickBank for Beginners guide or our free video affiliate course these are both step-by-step resources for affiliates looking to get started. 

Building an affiliate program and becoming a seller on ClickBank starts with the type of product you sell. Get a full checklist and walkthrough for onboarding your product with our Seller Launch Checklist here.  

ClickBank is an e-commerce platform and affiliate marketplace that serves as an intermediary between the end customer, product owner, and affiliate marketer. As the merchant of record, ClickBank processes each order and routes the funds from each transaction to the parties involved in a purchase.  

Learn more about how ClickBank works here. 

We’ve introduced a handful of exciting new features in just the last few years. These include an overhauled affiliate marketplace, improved order forms, CPA commissions, twice weekly payments, and powerful integrations, including with Shopify. 

Yes, ClickBank offers both a revenue share (RevShare) and cost-per-action (CPA) commission structure! You can learn more about CPA on ClickBank here. 

ClickBank features robust native integrations with a wide range of popular software tools and services. These include Voluum, ClickFunnels, Everflow, Bluehost, AWeber, and ShipOffers. See the full list of integrations here 

ClickBank offers plenty of free resources on the ClickBank blog and YouTube channel. If you want to take your learning to the next level, check out Spark by ClickBank, our official affiliate marketing education program with courses on copywriting, email marketing, paid ads, organic traffic, and more!