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You should never be held back by a network and that’s why we’ve changed. The safest, highest converting, and highest paying offers have always lived on ClickBank.

But now affiliates can get paid how you want (CPA or RevShare), get paid faster than ever before, and have a world-class team make personal intros to new offers and support your success.

Be Paid, Connected & Confident

Scale the safest, highest converting, and highest paying offers

Be Paid Your Way

CPA or Revshare. It’s your choice.

Be Paid More and Faster

Now you can get paid up to twice weekly.

Be Scalable

Scaling an offer requires extremely consistent cash flow. You can rely on ClickBank to get paid on time, every time. Becoming a super affiliate is much harder when you don’t get paid when you scale.

Be More Confident

Ever been screwed out of your commissions? We haven’t missed a payment since 1998.

Be Connected

Ever heard the phrase it’s all about who you know? Allow our experienced affiliate team to introduce you to the next offer that’ll change everything you know now.

Be Legendary

Remember that one time, when every super affiliate you’ve ever heard of promoted a ClickBank offer? Oh, wait, that’s every time. Come promote the best offers and let’s make you an affiliate everyone has heard of.


Protect Your Campaigns With ID Encryption

Affiliate ID Encryption makes it harder for spy tools to identify an affiliate from their affiliate link. Encryption obscures the identifiable element of an affiliate ID when it is passed.

Although ClickBank has been providing encrypted HopLinks with encoded affiliate IDs (nicknames) for over a decade, the protective benefits have been limited since the affiliate nickname has been visible in the HopLink redirect URL and on the order form. Now, the affiliate ID in both of those places will be encrypted (or hidden) by default.

Product Details Conv Price Avg Payout EPC Start Promoting

Earn, Keep & Repeat with ClickBank CPA

With ClickBank tracking and CPA, you can rest easy knowing that every sale is tracked and reported in real-time. No lost sales, missed payments, or scrubbed commissions. Ever.

You keep your commission no matter what. Relax knowing that you’re safeguarded from customer return costs and commission clawbacks.

There are no percentages, complicated upsell splits, or unexpected return costs. CPA on ClickBank empowers you with an easy to calculate ROI so you can do what you do best: scale offers and make sales.

How To Earn CPA on ClickBank

CPA on ClickBank is different from other CPA networks. CPA on ClickBank is CPA reimagined. Every qualifying seller can set CPA commission for any affiliate for any offer. All you have to do is ask.

That’s right. All you have to do is ask the seller for a CPA commission. CPA offers aren’t separate from RevShare offers, so there’s no inconvenient link changing or offer hunting.

All you have to do is ask for it.

If you’re already a ClickBank affiliate, you can ask your sellers to set a CPA commission for you. If you’re a new affiliate, just sign up for a ClickBank account (it’s free!) and browse the ClickBank marketplace for affiliate programs and offers you want to promote. Then, ask the seller for a CPA commission!

ClickBank Has Changed

Come see for yourself. We’re talking about faster payments, CPA, and an entire affiliate team to support you.