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A redirect script accepts query string parameters and allows an incoming request to be routed to a specific product or landing page. This allows you to have one ClickBank vendor account that accepts affiliate HopLinks to multiple products. The redirect script should be designed to keep all incoming query string parameters upon redirection.
Once hosted and tested on your server, you would update your account's HopLink Target URLs under Settings > My Site > Marketplace Information.
Note: this is for advanced users who are familiar with managing their site files directly.
The sample script this tool will generate is in PHP.


1) Generate Script
2) Download the generated script by copying what is in the box below and creating a new file and pasting the text.
3) Save your new file on your system with a .php extension, not a .txt or other extension. Ex: cb_redirect.php
4) **Advanced** upload the generated script to your webserver's folder, via your domain host provider (godaddy, blue host, media temple, etc).
5) Test: Browse to that page with pid=1 and/or pid=2 and make sure that it redirects properly. Ex:
6) Set the new URL you have tested as the HopLink Target URL in your ClickBank Account, MySite> Marketplace
7) Update the marketplace description for your products to inform affiliates regarding which PID to use for which product landing page

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