Suggested Affiliate Tools & Resources

As a product owner, helping affiliates implement your vision for your products is key to successful branding and marketing. Below we share a list of suggested items that will assist in empowering your affiliates to increase conversions in an ever-changing global online marketplace.

Existing Product Owner Examples

Below we list existing ClickBank product owner, Affiliate Tools pages. These are excellent references and show the resources that should be made available to affiliates for successful campaigns.

Organifi's Affilate Page
Purathrive's Affiliate Page
His Secret Affiliate Page

Prebuilt HTML5 Banners

We strongly suggest you create compelling image files in the following sizes and host them on your own server on an Affilates-Resources type page. Each should be clearly labeled and rendered so that affiliates can easily insert them on their own pages:

Leaderboard (728x90)
Full Banner (468x60)
Half Banner (234x60)
Half Page (300x600)
Medium Rectangle (300x250)
Rectangle (180x150)
Standard Square (250x250)
Skyscraper (120x600)
Wide Skyscraper (240x600)
Square Button (125x125)
Standard Button (120x90)

Campaign Specific Content

Hosting your own varied, tailored images, text or video around a specific campaign for A/B testing has proven very useful for ClickBank sellers. Providing custom content around specific campaigns in easy-to-find affiliate-resource pages should be a priority. Compressed collections with readme.txt information are the standard.

Social Media Content

Create a section on your affiliate-resource page with displayed and compressed-downloadable content specifically for each major Social Media platform your affiliates will be leveraging. Below are some links to the largest social media ad platforms on the web today:
Facebook ads
YouTube banners and other media

Sample Video Embed Links

Video links and video thumbnail images should be provided to your affiliates. Standard content includes unboxing, ad copy and testimonial videos.


Banner images in the format of coupons with 'Buy Now' button shapes, showing the discount available for a specific pay-link.

Comission Descriptions

Explain your comission structure, and your primary contacts/managers for affiliates:
High Commissions on our physical/digital products!
Commission Payout Structure:
Option 1: X% Front End & All Upsells (Earn Up to $NUMBER/Sale)
Option 2: Y% Front End & All Upsells and Z% Lifetime Commission on Rebills

Affiliate Sale Pricing:

Special Launch Pricing
QTY A: Additional $X Off Total Price - $FINALPRICE1
QTY B: Additional $Y Off Total Price - $FINALPRICE2
QTY C: Special Pack Only available during Launch - $FINALPRICE3

Affiliate Manager: FirstName LastName
Contacts: email1@productowner or email2@productowner

Active Contests/Promotions

If you have any active contests or promotions, list them here.

Sample Restriction Notice

Replace PRODUCT OWNER and PRODUCT below as appropriate.

Dear Affiliate,

ClickBank is the exclusive retailer of PRODUCT, so in order to promote PRODUCT you must become a registered ClickBank affiliate. To do this you will have to establish an account at Please note that you are acting as an affiliate for ClickBank and therefore must adhere to all of Clickbank’s terms and conditions as can be found here: ClickBank Client Contract.


Once you are a registered ClickBank affiliate you will be able to send traffic through a special ClickBank generated affiliate link using our hoplink generator, and you will automatically be credited your respective commission for all sales that result from traffic you send through your special ClickBank affiliate link.


Before promoting, please be aware of the following regulations:


  1. Affiliates are NOT permitted to use ANY PRODUCT OWNER or PRODUCT before and after photos in their promotions without written permission from the PRODUCT OWNER. Affiliates may also not run ads on Google Adwords (or any Google property), bid on "PRODUCT OWNER/PRODUCT" based keywords, use the term "PRODUCT OWNER/PRODUCT" in any pay per click ads, use any terminology in ads or landing pages that are similar to "scam" or "fraud," or create customer incentives for purchasing PRODUCT (e.g. cash rebates or 3rd party bonus offers).

  2. Affiliates must also NEVER use any images or videos that they do not own, and are forbidden from using any imagery that would imply any endorsement without written consent from the appropriate parties.

  3. Affiliates are forbidden from creating webpages, social media pages or accounts that falsely represent themselves as the creators or owners of the PRODUCT OWNERS product. Any review page and all creative contained therein must include the word 'REVIEW' in the title, the url and any graphics used in the cover image or profile image. This includes blogs, webpages, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or ANY OTHER online entity whether or not it is considered to be "social media".

  4. Affiliates may not bypass PRODUCT OWNER pages to generate orders. In other words, no direct linking to cart or order forms from any ads or landing pages. The customer must see our offer as presented by us prior to landing on the cart.

Any affiliate caught breaking any of these terms will be banned immediately without hesitation, and will not be eligible for reinstatement.

Email Swipe

A link to compressed collection of campaign-specific ad copy, for use by affiliates. Docx format or RTF format recommended.