Advanced Custom Order Form Resources

The Advanced Custom Order Form enables additional content to be displayed alongside the payment information, template examples using this new format will be hosted below. For more information see our Knowledge Base article.

Each zip file is a self-contained testable implementation of the new Order Form.

The theme folder is where the customized elements should go for testing and prototyping purposes. Launching the index.html file in a web browser will pull together all the elements in the bundle to display an advanced custom order form.

theme/custom-theme.css is a sample .css file that is referenced by the top level index.html file.

theme/img has multiple images for varying sizes to ensure crisp and legible images are used for specific browser sizes that correlate to phones, tables and differing screen sizes.

To utilize an Advanced Custom Order Form template, please upload all referenced images to your WAM account under My Images, and then once they're approved, upload your css file to the My Order Form section. As of 7/27/2017 the **NEW** Advanced is the name of the template that should be chosen when adding a new custom order form. Once all images and css are uploaded and approved, the My Order Form section of WAM will display all existing Order Form Templates. Simply add the URL Parameter column to a paylink to have the template added displayed at checkout. For example:

Animated gifs are currently not supported
@font-face directives that reference url() resources are not permitted
url resources that implement javascript are not permitted
css expression directives are not permitted


Here is a zip file with 2 sample ACOFs
ACOF Bundle.