New FTC Endorsement Rules

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The U.S. Federal Trade Commission continues to make internet commerce a top priority. The FTC recent issued new regulations that govern the use of “endorsements” to promote products. Those regulations can be found at 16 C.F.R. § 255 or here. Note, the new regulations are effective December 1, 2009. The new regulations cover all sorts of third party testimonials and …

Using Trademarked Names in Affiliate Marketing

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Posted by: Simon Slade, Guest Blogger Disclaimer: Please don’t take any of this as legal advice. I’m not a lawyer. I would always recommend seeking professional legal advice if you are unsure on any areas. Nike, iPhone, Google, ClickBank – these words catch your attention because they are strong brands and are instantly recognizable. So why not use that to …

Client Contract Change Summary

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Earlier this week, we updated our Client Contract with a number of changes, so in this post we’ll summarize what these changes were. Almost all of the changes we made to the contract were merely changes to legal language, and didn’t change the existing meaning of the policies we had in place. For example, we added several of our existing …

New Client Contract

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Please be aware that ClickBank introduced a new Client Contract yesterday, updating some of our policies and terms. By creating a new account or logging in to your existing account, you agree to the new contract, so please take a few minutes to read over it and familiarize yourself with it. ClickBank Client Contract