Publishers: Get Increased Visibility and Sales

Brett Chesney Strategies for Success

Posted by: Beau Blackwell, Marketing Coordinator

If you’re a ClickBank product publisher, you need to take advantage of a new feature we’ve just released that will soon help increase sales of your ClickBank product(s). We will soon roll out a new ad-serving platform that will easily allow affiliates to display advertisements for relevant ClickBank products on their Web sites. This will help affiliates and Web site owners monetize their traffic more effectively than ever, which in turn leads to more sales for publishers who are included in the ad network.

The first phase of this new ad serving platform, which went live last week, allows publishers to create a customer-facing advertisement that will be integrated into the ad platform as soon as it goes live. This advertisement allows publishers to briefly highlight the benefits and selling points of their products or sites, and makes it easier for affiliates to quickly identify what a product is and how they can promote it to consumers. In addition, these new advertisement fields will soon be included in the ClickBank XML feed, which will allow developers to use them in existing and future third-party applications and widgets.

Creating this customer-facing ad is totally free and only takes a minute, so if you haven’t already submitted your ad, don’t delay! Each ad will go through an approval process to screen for accuracy and appropriate language, punctuation, etc., so be sure to submit your ad as soon as possible so you can be included in the ad platform as soon as it goes live. Click here to start creating your ad now!