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Make your lifelong dream of scratch-building and flying a fighter jet come true! Stop looking for the perfect, most expensive RC jet, and build your own from scratch! The thing is when you scratch-build your own parkjets, you own and control everything. So if a part breaks down, you can simply repair it or rebuild it yourself instead of waiting for it for months if it’s out of stock or scouring the internet for days to find a proper substitute. Why spend endless hours looking for spare parts, when you can spend them enjoying your hobby? With RCPowers, scratch-building has never been easier! Simply buy our V4 Pro Pack and learn how to make your own Su-30 V4 Hovering Parkjet, Su-34 V4 Super Trainer, F-18 V4 Multirole Parkjet, and MiG-29 V4 Speedmaster! Build your own trustworthy fighter and go flying more often!