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Maropost Marketing Cloud enables multi-channel marketing automation, across email, SMS, web and social media, that supercharges your customer engagement and conversion. Segment your audiences, personalize your messages and ensure that they are delivered to the inbox effectively. Trigger emails, unique coupons, mobile notifications and sms messages along the customer journey to deliver an outstanding experience.

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Maropost Marketing Cloud allows merchants to streamline their audience engagement, customer acquisition, and revenue growth. We can serve customers across multiple channels, including email and mobile/SMS marketing automation, while providing unparalleled inbox deliverability, advanced reporting, and industry-leading audience building and customer journeys.


Build complex customer journeys in minutes


Trigger emails, unique coupon codes, mobile notifications and SMS messages at every stage of the customer lifecycle — then set your campaigns and content on autopilot, to deliver an outstanding customer experience.


Dynamic landing page personalization


Create custom, personalized landing pages with dynamic content when your contacts visit. Combining dynamic landing pages with data-driven marketing is a powerful way to personalize the customer experience and journey.


Know your customers, improve relationships


Simplify the way you track and use website activity data to personalize the customer experience using real-time customer data. Then use this data to improve customer relationships through individualized re-engagement, win-back, and welcome campaigns across marketing channels.


Increase deliverability with data-driven tools


Our Deliverability Score, Spam Checker, and other sophisticated deliverability tools help improve your inbox rates before you push send and provide you with detailed reporting tools that simplify inbox monitoring.


Simplified mobile engagement


Keep up with on-the-move customers—and drive engagement from any location. Reach your audience anywhere with SMS and push notifications, using behaviour to automatically trigger personalized journeys across channels.


Social campaign alignment


Nurture campaigns shouldn’t stop at email. As social media engagement continues to grow, it’s important to ensure messaging is unified across all social channels. Maropost makes it easy with pre-built social integrations.


Kelly Seawright

Manager of Digital Platforms at Mercedes Benz

“Our guiding principle is ‘the best or nothing,’ and we feel that the solution provided by Maropost delivers on that promise.”

Marissa O’Hare

Director of Audience Development at Wenner Media (Rolling Stone)

“Maropost’s staff is extremely knowledgeable about the platform and consistently provides excellent customer service.”

Neil Patel

Digital Marketing Guru at NPD

“With email bringing in 60% of annual sales, Maropost is our trusted platform—reliably helping to generate over 7 figures in annual revenue for the business.”


Director of eCommerce and Marketing Channels at MAC Group

“We greatly value the team at Maropost. They are highly professional, easy to work with, and are constantly innovating and expanding their solution offering. ”



“I can’t think of a time an issue couldn’t be solved right there and then on live chat. It’s way faster than picking up a phone or even sending an email.”

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