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Everflow lets you track all of your partner channels and marketing channels, attribute conversions and unlimited engagement events, and make better optimizations by drilling into your data.
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Everflow makes it easy to onboard your partner and marketing channels, track those channels, and attribute unlimited events tied to the performance from those channels. Once equipped with these key tracking capabilities, brand performance marketing programs ramp up quickly with Everflow.

How can you track better using Everflow?

  • Direct Linking: This smarter tracking method doesn’t involve third-party cookies, messy affiliate links, and avoids flagging issues with media buying channels like Facebook or Google.

Campaigns load faster and convert better due to a sleeker setup:

  • Tracking begins the instant a user reaches the partner’s website.
  • The partner sends a user’s click to a partner website in format like
  • The JavaScript code detects the ID like a UTM code (similar setup to Google Analytics) and associates the click and any subsequent conversions with the partner (“8” in example above).


  • Email Attribution: Customers are able to associate an email address with an affiliate that delivered a converting user. Any time there is a subscription renewal or subsequent purchase with that email address, the affiliate will automatically receive credit for that action. This unique attribution method is ideal for B2B, SaaS, and any verticals where subscription products are key pillars of business success.


  • Coupon Code Tracking: Customers redeem coupon code created for a brand’s affiliate or influencer, providing easy attribution whenever a purchase is made. Additionally, affiliates and influencers can receive a unique destination URL that combines their tracking domain with the code, providing another easily shareable option for video formats, podcasts, and all social channels.Example: Influencer with coupon code: Cat shares, which redirects users to the normal landing page.


Tracking every channel allows you to quickly understand your performance results from every marketing initiative, compare channels to evaluate where they add value, and make actionable optimization decisions.

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Ryan Whittaker

Clique Group

"Everflow’s integration with the Facebook Conversions API has become a staple for our business. Everflow makes it easy to create failsafes that prevent tracking duplicate conversions coming from multiple sources. ‍ Leveraging their Facebook integration has helped us keep our conversion tracking both consistent and clear."

Ryan Green


"Everflow has an intuitive design, it was the only solution with a completely open API we could build around, and it was affordable."

Cody Reeves


”Everflow provides a picture-perfect view into our attribution, allowing us to leverage it as our source of truth for customer acquisition efforts on every channel.”

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