Meet the Mythbusters + pro tips for an expedited approval

Meet the Mythbusters + pro tips for an expedited approval

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Welcome back ClickBankers!!!

Did you miss part one of our ClickBank Compliance Myth series? In it, we busted those wacky and wild myths which have circled the online retail world over the past few years. With the air cleared and rumors to rest, allow us to further enhance your ClickBank experience and help provide you with the best assistance this industry has to offer!

Right here, right NOW we are breaking down the approval process for both digital and physical products and introducing the compliance team you’ll collaborate with.

Get your pen and paper out because we are also providing you with pro tips which will skyrocket your approval process!

Whether you’re brand new to the ClickBank platform or an established pro, there’s plenty to know and brush up on.

First Things First

Before doing anything, you should read through our Client Contract . If you agree with these policies and are willing to abide by them, then consider this a digital handshake and let’s get down to business!


Digital Product First Steps

Got a digital product? Bring it on!

Submit those ebooks, website memberships or forex products. Whatever you got, we’ll take it…so long as it abides by our Vendor and Products Requirements Policy . This link is an important first step. We would hate for you to waste time submitting products we don’t support.

Now that you know we accept your product, you can begin creating or revising your sales copy to ensure that you are coloring within our promotional guidelines . You should use this information hand in hand with our article on Creating Your First Product . Though this may not be your first product, this is a great piece, reminding you of necessary requirements that people often forget! Review this information thoroughly and incorporate it into your sales copy.

Though this next write-up is geared towards more specific products such as health and remedy, environmental, survival and adult oriented, the Product Guidelines is an excellent demonstration of our standards for some of our more compliance heavy niches.


Physical Products First Steps

As you’ve learned from the previous post, ClickBank does indeed accept physical products and we have a ton of articles to assist you through the process of getting yours approved!

Just as we have for digital products, ClickBank has supplied a helpful list of physical products we do not support. Before proceeding with submission, make sure the product you are wanting to sell is not on this list.

You’ll notice that the prohibited products list is a small sliver of a greater article, Selling Physical Products. Herein, you’ll find there are three different kinds of physical products: flat media such as books or DVDs, consumables and cosmetics like supplements, essential oils or pet food, and other physical products like survival gadgets or clothes. Once you have determined the category your product belongs to, the articles provide the necessary requirements for submission and acceptance.

Once you have fused your sales copy with our guidelines, you are ready to submit it to…..THE ROBOTS!! (Just kidding, we are in fact real, breathing people who eat, sleep and live compliance). Dun-dun-dunnn. It’s time to meet the team on the other side of the screen. The real people who assist you in creating the perfect confluence of effective marketing strategies and superb compliance standards. These helping hands also have some words of wisdom that will grease the wheels on your approval train!

Joie Mason

Joie Mason

Physical Product Compliance Analyst- 7 years

Joie is our Physical Product Compliance Analyst and has been with ClickBank for more than 7 years!! If you are wanting to sell a physical product, Joie is your go-to gal!

Joie’s Pro Tips-

  1. Submit label as a high-resolution digital file of the complete product label (as well as any carton labeling).
  2. Make sure the cGMP for the manufacturer is current.
  3. Check that your Certificate of Insurance:
    1. Is current.
    2. Is issued to your company (not to the manufacturer)
    3. All required coverages are included in the policy.
    4. Coverages meet or exceed required minimums.
    5. Click Sales is included as an additional insured.

Teresa Tafelmeyer

Senior Product Specialist- 6 years

After Joie gives you the green light, Teresa will begin the review of your sales copy for your physical product. Teresa is fluent in English and Spanish, is incredibly kind and very resourceful. We know you will love working with her!

Teresa Tafelmeyer

Teresa’s Pro Tips-

  1. If selling any physical product (especially consumable/cosmetic), please review the requirements for selling physical products HERE
  2. Please be sure to include shipping information and return information on your Pitch Page and Thank You page.
  3. Please note that you need to have your own website/domain/hosting in order to sell your physical products through ClickBank. If your product is only sold on Amazon, for example, you will need to create your own Pitch Page and Thank You page to sell on CB’s platform.
  4. If you are selling a consumable/cosmetic, please review our guidelines for Claims About the Product when marketing your specific type of product.
  5. Please make sure you have competent and reliable substantiation on hand for any claims made in your marketing sales copy, as it is possible it will be requested during the sales copy review.


If you are selling strictly flat media or digital products, then these next four Product Specialists will take GREAT care of you!

Christine Reed

Christine Reed

Product Specialist- 5 years

Originally from Germany, Christine is fluent in English and German so any vendors that require assistance in these languages will likely be working with this rockstar.

Christine’s Pro Tips-

  1. When submitting a sales page including a video, please attach a script of what is being said and shown in the video… or better yet, please submit the script for approval before recording the video! If changes need to be made, it’s easier to make them to the script rather than having to re-record your video. You can send your script in for pre-approval to
  2. When changes to a script are required, please don’t delete our original comments when making the changes. The review goes faster if our comments are still on the revised script.
  3. Remember, your Pitch Page and Thank You Page cannot be the same. Check out this article for more details and requirements for these pages.

Kacey Duncan

Product Specialist- 5 years

This momma of two works hard both in and out of the office to give our clients the best support possible!

Kacey Duncan

Kacey’s Pro Tips-

  1. Don’t forget to include your ClickBank Trust Badge on your sales page. Remember it cannot simply be an image of the badge, it must be clickable.
  2. If you are having troubles with your Trust Badge appearing on the page, make sure you are using an up-to-date DOCTYPE Declaration.
  3. If you are creating an Advanced Custom Order Form, always include your ClickBank logo clearly, conspicuously and at the top of the form.
  4. Don’t forget to add a Marketplace Title and Description when entering your product approval.
Moustapha Abdou

Moustapha Abdou

Product Specialist- 1 year

Meet the (only) man of the team. Originally from Niger, Moustapha speaks English, French AND Spanish so he will work exclusively with vendors of those languages. Talk about a triple threat!

Moustapha’s Pro Tips-

  1. ClickBank has recently moved to a new location so remember to update your disclaimers to reflect our new address. People using Awebber or other similar programs will need to change their Thank You Page disclaimer address to the new address as the default address is the old one.
  2. Please also note that ClickBank cannot accept domains that are hosted for free. If your URL contains “”, “” or anything similar, you will need to purchase your domain before we can proceed.
  3. When submitting your product for approval and you are prompted to choose a preferred language, please choose the language your Pitch Page is in so the request can be handled by the most appropriate and efficient agent.

Hannah Russo

Product Specialist- 2 years (Time flies when you’re having fun!)

Yours truly! ! I grew up in Las Vegas but Boise is home for ClickBank and I. English is all I’ve got under my belt but I take pride in providing friendly and efficient service for you and your approvals!

Hannah Russo

Hannah’s Pro Tips-

  1. ClickBank has spent the last few months revamping our Knowledge Base. The articles within the Knowledge Base are top-level and SO helpful. You should always thoroughly review this information before submitting for approval as it clears up a lot of grey area. Simply use the link above and search which ever topic you are curious about to find TONS of great articles.
  2. Remember, Product Specialists help with marketplace category, image approvals, Pitch Plus Flows, and much more. Our new and improved Knowledge Base now has videos walking you through the Pitch Plus upsell flow step-by-step and features many other guides just like this.
  3. Speaking of Pitch Plus flows, let’s chat about initiating item numbers. The “initiating item number” is the product customers must purchase first in order to be sent to an upsell flow. If you want item number 1 to send customers into a flow containing item numbers 2 and 3, then item number 1 is considered your “initiating item number” and cannot be within your flow as it has already been purchased.
  4. As always, if you ever have questions or concerns, feel free to email us at and we will be quick to help you!


Here is an extra special ‘thank you’ from the compliance team. We know compliance is not your favorite part of the day but we hope we have provided enough support and information to help make this process as efficient, easy and enjoyable as possible!

Best Regards,

The Robots 😉

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