Lurn Summit Highlights: ClickBank’s Mick Wiskerchen & Kevin Strawbridge

Lurn Summit Highlights: ClickBank’s Mick Wiskerchen & Kevin Strawbridge

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“Put in the effort and ClickBank will deliver the results.” -Kevin Strawbridge, CEO, ClickBank

Last week, legendary Internet marketer, Anik Singal hosted his first-ever, two-day online event, the Lurn Summit.

In addition to his epic content and list of incredible guest speakers, ClickBank’s CEO Kevin Strawbridge and COO Mick Wiskerchen sat down to answer a wide variety of questions relevant to both new and established ClickBank partners.

This interview is FOR YOU if you have any desire to:

  • Learn more about ClickBank’s new CEO Kevin Strawbridge, his industry expertise, and how he plans to use it to usher in a new era of ClickBank
  • See which product categories are killing it right now as well as the niches that are up-and-coming (you’ll want to jump on board and promote these ASAP)
  • Know what top ClickBank earners are making on our platform (Did someone say up to $220,000 A DAY?)
  • Learn which social media platforms are capable of driving HUGE amounts of traffic and how to start harnessing it immediately
  • Get insight into ClickBank’s elusive “Gravity” and how you can use it to your advantage to promote products with confidence

“Pay attention to the trends, be dialed in as a business, be dialed in as an individual and be dialed into the ClickBank Marketplace.” – Mick Wiskerchen, COO , ClickBank

Ready to watch? Just press play below.

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