Jennifer Johannsen Appointed Vice President, Sales, Risk & Compliance

Jennifer Johannsen Appointed Vice President, Sales, Risk & Compliance

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As Jennifer Johannsen enters her eighteenth year at ClickBank she has been appointed as Vice President, Sales, Risk & Compliance, which oversees the Client Optimization, Business Development, Business Services and Physical Compliance, and Risk teams.

BOISE, ClickBank, a global Internet Retailer and one of Idaho’s largest privately-owned technology companies, announced the appointment of Jennifer Johannsen as Vice President, Sales, Risk & Compliance. Johannsen, ClickBank’s former Director of Risk & Compliance, has worked in multiple departments over her tenure at the company, and is able to bring that knowledge and leadership to all aspects of the business.

“In my short time with ClickBank, Jennifer has been an invaluable resource in terms of knowledge of our business, relationships with clients, and leadership across the internal team” said Kevin Strawbridge, CEO of ClickBank. “In addition to her team leadership, Jennifer joins the senior leadership team bringing another woman to the diverse leadership of ClickBank and within the technology sector.”

As Vice President Sales, Risk & Compliance, Jennifer will lead a team that supports ClickBank as a leading Internet Retailer. As ClickBank continues to bring new and innovative products to market working with clients form around the world, it firmly establishes its leadership and credibility in providing items millions of consumers buy while expecting top quality and exceptional customer service.

“I have enjoyed all of the different opportunities I’ve been given to manage at ClickBank over time, but I am so proud to have been trusted enough to be given this new role that will allow me to continue to work with an incredible Risk & Compliance team, but will also allow me to work more directly with our clients and our Client Optimization and Business Development teams again,” said Johannsen.  “I love bringing the teams together to help ensure our clients can be as successful, as possible, and maintain a strong and safe marketplace for all of us.”

Jennifer joined ClickBank in 2000 and holds an BA from Boise State University. During her tenure at ClickBank, she has been an integral member of the Operations, Sales & Account Management, and Risk & Compliance teams. Her continuity across the evolution of the company and associated management has aided in keeping the company on course as a leader in the eCommerce and affiliate marketing industry.

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