Craving Conversions? Take the Compliance Challenge!

Craving Conversions? Take the Compliance Challenge!

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We realize compliance issues probably aren’t what’s keeping you up at night. However, what does leave you tossing and turning at 2am are thoughts of how to create compelling products, find new traffic sources and increase your conversions… all with the goal of snagging more sales and securing higher profits. But if you’re not thinking of compliance as a factor highly integrated with your bottom line, you’re leaving money on the table.

Do you think you’re ready to put your knowledge to the test and take our Compliance Challenge? Will you pass with flying colors or be left scratching your head? Get Your Compliance IQ Now!

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Is your ClickBank compliance up to snuff?  The following six questions will challenge your understanding of both ClickBank’s and the FTC’s standards and regulations on promoting products and services online. Ready to show us what you got? Let’s get started!

Why Your Compliance IQ May Be Impacting Sales

From pricing and promotions to disclosures and disclaimers, compliance and conversions are more closely integrated now than ever before. If your compliance IQ is not up to par, it may be impacting your conversions and jeopardizing the longevity of your business.

Here are a few areas where compliance may be impacting your conversions, sales and bottom line:

Business Longevity: Consistency across pitch pages, messaging and promotional techniques is not only a key component of building a sustainable business, but leads to increased customer satisfaction as well. Establish high standards for your products and marketing in compliance with FTC guidelines and you’ll save time and money by setting your business up right from the start.
Promotional Prowess: From search to social, ad buys to offline, all promotional networks have quality standards marketers must meet in order to drive traffic and sales through those channels. Truthful, high quality advertising will help you avoid penalties across various platforms, and allow you to achieve high ROI for the long term.
Product Approval: Sell products faster on ClickBank by creating high quality messaging, transparent pricing and more. Achieve quick turnaround on our product approval process when you meet these compliance standards.
Honest to Goodness: Whether it be product claims, pricing, promotional techniques or something else entirely, honesty is the best policy when selling to customers and will result in lower refunds and higher customer satisfaction.
Experience is Everything: From sales page transparency, to video quality, to clear disclaimers, obvious links and pricing strategy… give your customers a good experience now, build trust and deliver quality content to build your customer lifetime value and achieve repeat customer conversions.

Supporting Your Success

At ClickBank we strive to give you the confidence and support you need to navigate the complex compliance landscape by shining a light on the most valuable points for you to incorporate into your product and marketing mix. Our future-focused core values make your success, in the long-term and the short, one of our highest priorities.

In order to ensure compliance issues aren’t holding you back, and to remain in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines, ClickBank actively monitors vendors and affiliates on an ongoing basis and continually suggests areas of improvement. Our established relationship with the major card brands is just one of the many benefits to doing business on the ClickBank platform.

To check out the latest list of promotional guidelines, and to make sure you’re in compliance to avoid risking interruption of your account click here.

If you have questions or are concerned about your compliance IQ, let us know! We’re here to support you and are always more than happy to help. Simply contact us here for additional support.