ClickBank Vendor Spotlight: Jacob Hiller and The Jump Manual

Brett Chesney Client Success


Here at ClickBank there is nothing we love more than a good success story. In this edition of our Vendor Spotlight we turn our attention to Jacob Hiller, author of The Jump Manual.

Nearly ten years ago, Hiller began working with athletes on their jumping technique. After successfully coaching several athletes to increasing their jump, some more than 20 inches, (and with a 44 inch vertical himself) Hiller was encouraged to take his knowledge and turn it into an actual product. Soon later, The Jump Manual was born.

In 2008 Hiller partnered with ClickBank and began selling The Jump Manual on our platform. Since then, Hiller has seen outstanding success and has gone on to train and consult athletes in high school, college, the NBA and even international Olympians. Even today, Hiller continues to travel the world and coach athletes. He has visited over 22 countries and trains in 4 different languages.

Hiller has also gone on to be interviewed and featured in publications like Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Men’s Health and Fadeaway Magazine.

Recently, highlighted Hiller where he dished out some of the secrets to working on your jump technique and obtaining a higher vertical. Take a moment to check out the full interview over on Scout here.

If you’d like to keep up with what Hiller is doing next, keep your eyes peeled on his website or personal blog where he also showcases some of his travels.

Great job Jacob, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.