ClickBank Success Story; Tyler Bramlett of Warrior Media

Brett Chesney Client Success


“Create something that is complementary to your niche, not competitive, especially if you’re just starting out.”

In 2003 Tyler Bramlett was 40lbs overweight and struggling to find success with mainstream fitness regiments. With a simple goal of losing fat and gaining lean muscle Tyler set out to break free from the chains of traditional weight loss methods and create something new entirely.

Born from this was the Garage Warrior community and ultimately, the Warrior Media group.   This last year Tyler launched his product “0-6 Pack Abs” which saw great success in ClickBank’s health and fitness space. Between this and other launches, Tyler has learned a great deal about digital marketing and putting your products in front of the right people.

“Really understand your business model and understand your numbers. People forget to track the simplest of things, conversion rates on their sales page, conversion rates on their order page and upsell revenue.”

Listen in the interview below as Tyler sits down with us to talk about setting affiliates up for success, achieving high conversions and optimizing your upsell flow.


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