The ClickBank Platinum Program offers exclusive benefits, premier invites, and a dedicated account manager for each Platinum-level client. Our goal is to cultivate top earners and accelerate your earning potential.

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February 26, 2021


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In order to become a ClickBank Platinum Client, you must have made over $250,000 in gross sales during the prior calendar year.

This may be the only monetary requirement to join this elite level of ClickBank client, but reaching the upper echelon takes dedication, mentorship, innovation, and a vow to never quit… even when things get tough.

We applaud what it takes to become a ClickBank Platinum Client. This program was born out of our commitment to recognize and support excellence among top digital marketers in our industry.


ClickBank Platinum Clients receive access to powerful conversion tools and game-changing features.


Each Platinum Client on ClickBank is assigned a dedicated account manager. Your account manager acts as an extension of your business and is available to help automate and grow your revenue every single day.

Invitation to Platinum Summit

As a ClickBank Platinum Client you and your +1 receive an exclusive invite to one of the industry’s most coveted events: The ClickBank Platinum Summit. At Platinum Summit, you’ll have the opportunity to network with other Platinum Clients, talk partnerships, and get acquainted with other top players in the industry.

Expedited Approvals

ClickBank Platinum Clients get privileged expedited approvals on all products they wish to bring on to the platform.

Sales Engineer Support

ClickBank software developers are intimately familiar with the platform, data structures, and integration that make ClickBank tick. For Platinum Clients, they’re on stand-by, ready to help with complicated tech questions that require expertise that only they have.

Exclusive Access to New Features

ClickBank Platinum Clients are always offered first dibs on testing and experiencing new conversion features. We value your insight in improving our platform and making changes that boost your earning potential.

Networking Around the World

Every year ClickBank hosts and attends networking events all over the world. As a ClickBank Platinum Client, you’ll be the first to know (and the first invited) to some of these exclusive networking opportunities.

Powerful Custom Reporting

Account Managers have access to custom reporting to get you the data and insights you need to automate and grow with ClickBank.

Invitation to the Platinum Facebook Group

As a ClickBank Platinum Client, you’ll have access to the elite Platinum Facebook Group, an exclusive networking group made up of other ClickBank Platinums and the ClickBank Leadership Team. Chat and engage with the group to keep your finger on the pulse of the performance marketing industry.


Members of the Platinum program have the ability to partner with ClickBank’s various social channels throughout the year. Whether it’s blog posts or white papers, podcasts, or Instagram, there are dozens of opportunities to leverage our social following and grow your businesses.


Congratulations on your acceptance into the ClickBank Platinum Program. This is a monumental achievement and I want to personally extend a warm welcome to this elite group.

To be considered a ClickBank Platinum Client means that you are among the best of the best. So, for your hard work and dedication, we want to reward you with the best of the best support and acknowledgement.

Each Platinum Client will receive a dedicated account manager, exclusive VIP invitations to the industry’s hottest networking events, and the opportunity to get insider insight from the ClickBank Team, including myself.

We plan to continually improve our Platinum Program and offer you the perks and foundation you need to keep doing your best.

On behalf of ClickBank, I want to tell you how honored we are to represent you and the entire Platinum cohort. It’s a privilege to work with a vibrant offering of business and brands.

Kelly Householder

CEO, ClickBank


One of the major perks of being a ClickBank Platinum Client are the exclusive invites to the industry’s top events. These events offer amazing networking opportunities and can be the catalysts to life changing connections.

  • Platinum Summit
    Platinum Summit is the game-changer of all networking events. This coveted invite is only offered to ClickBank PLatinum Clients. Hosted in some of the most beautiful places in the world, Platinum Summit features intel and insight into the affiliate marketing and ecommerce world from the best of the best.
  • Networking
    The kind of networking you’ll experience at Platinum events is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. You’ll be able to rub shoulders with the brightest minds in the business; solve problems and ask questions with ecommerce gurus, and learn what’s up and coming in the industry. You may even meet your next million dollar partner.
  • Education
    Platinum events offer the most current and relevant industry education you can get. Stay up to date and ahead of the curve with knowhow from the pros and strategy from ecommerce and affiliate marketing leaders. This is the kind of information that helps Platinum Clients keep their edge. It’s not every day top internet entrepreneurs get to gather together to discuss and share their expertise.


Meet the ClickBank dedicated account manager. This dream team is ready to help you scale your business to the next level. WIth over 50 years of combined experience between them, they are committed to helping you achieve your business goals.

They are available when you need them and have all of the tools it takes to excel on ClickBank. From navigating the Knowledge Base to putting you in touch with software support, Account Managers know how to get you what you need.

Do you want to make connections with other Platinum-level affiliates and vendors? They got you. Do you want to optimize business tools and features you’re using yet? They can help with that too. Want to celebrate your success benchmarks with someone who’s seen you through it all? That’s their favorite part of their job.