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ClickBank and Konnektive CRM: The one-stop, end-all-be-all solution.


Consolidate your customer and billing information. Importing your ClickBank data into Konnektive saves you the hassle of logging into multiple portals. You now have all of your reporting consolidated in one reporting suite.

Customer Service

Manage Customer Service through the Konnektive system. From refunds, to return merchandise authorization, cancellations, pause or resume subscriptions, or order alterations, Konnektive gives you all the tools to manage your customer interactions.


Seamless Integration with Konnektive’s state-of-the-art CRM, this allows you to take full advantage of Konnektive’s extensive reporting and analytical suites.

Build Funnels

Build your sales pages in FunnelKonnekt. Described as the easiest and fastest sales funnel and site builder, you can quickly build your sales sites and launch with ease.

Fulfillment Automation

Fulfillment Management Take advantage of Konnektive’s four dozen fulfillment options. All API driven integrations once the sales are processed, Konnektive does the rest. And also provides cost-saving fulfillment bundling, fulfillment delays, API updates from the fulfillment house and other advanced fulfillment management features.

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