Changes to Your Facebook Business Page, Part 1

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If you blinked you might have missed it. Just before the close of the year, Facebook quietly began to beta test two new features that may have the ability to impact your business in a big way. These new tools, a series of “call-to-action” buttons and a featured video for your business page have the potential to drive home business objectives like never before.

From funneling new leads to the capability of raising increased brand awareness, read on to find out how these two new changes to Facebook Pages can help your bottom line.

In this post, we will take a closer look at video.

Facebook Business Featured Videos

At the center of any great visually based marketing initiative is captivating videography, sound and motion. For years, YouTube has held the corner market on video content, but Facebook looks to change that with the addition of their new and improved video platform.

Currently in beta, all businesses will soon have the chance to select a featured video that will populate the left sidebar of their page. Social media guru Mari Smith is taking part in the beta and you can check out a prime example of featured video on her page.


The idea behind this stems from navigating more users out of the news feeds and onto the actual pages of these businesses. 2014 saw some big changes to the way users interacted with visual media on Facebook. You may recall the addition of auto-play as you scrolled through updates (RIP mobile data) and the increased size video received in your newsfeed, and it wasn’t all for not. Video viewership rose more than 50% in the test months of May, June and July and Facebook itself boasted a billion views per day at the end of September.

However, as marketers, these changes introduce a whole new outlet for you to put yourself in front of new and existing customers. From “about us” to specific product videos, the ways in which this featured video section can be leveraged is nearly endless.

Mari Smith also suggest some great best practices to keep in mind when these changes to Pages go live:

  • Tutorial style videos are always proven winners as well as how-to’s, news, entertainment pieces and inspirational videos (Dove’s Real Beauty ads anyone?).
  • Keep it short! Anything over two minutes and you start to loose viewer attention.
  • Don’t be afraid to leverage existing video content that you already have created. Just make sure to edit it down to that two-minute mark.
  • Don’t neglect other video sharing channels! While this new feature is great, continue to upload your video content to both YouTube and any other video platforms you are currently using. Achieving 100% viewership will never be possible unless you utilize every outlet your audience is interacting on.
  • For Facebook’s official “how-to” on featured video click here.

Remember, this feature is still in beta and many business pages have yet to see it implemented. Take this opportunity to strategize and plan how you will utilize the featured video section on YOUR page.

Next week we will be going over Facebook’s new “Call-To-Action” buttons that will link your audience directly to a sales page, product page or sign-up form. So keep your eyes peeled for part 2!