Thank You, Summer Sales Contest Participants

Brett Chesney General

Summer has come to a close, and so has our Summer Sales Contest. We at ClickBank wanted to send a big thank you – THANK YOU! – for helping to make this event a successful one. We have selected the 11 winners, who are listed on the contest page and also below. They will be heading to a secret, luxurious resort in …

Meet the Team – Client Services

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Have a question on how to sign up for a ClickBank account? No matter what the question is, these are the guys who can help! Meet ClickBank’s Client Services Team: From left to right (Shannel, Lyz, Jutta, Chad, Jenny, Francine) ClickBank’s suite of tools and services are vast, and there are times when you’ll have a question or you’ll be …

Learn What People Want from Brands on Twitter

Brett Chesney General

A recent study from Complete shows that the average Twitter user follows 6 or more brands. Here is a breakdown of the top reasons people give for following brands on Twitter: 94% are looking for discounts and promos 88% follow brands for free stuff 87% for fun and entertainment 79% keep watch for updates on upcoming sales 79% follow for …

ClickBank Support Idaho Gives!

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At ClickBank we recognize that our actions have an impact on the communities in which we operate.   Throughout the year ClickBank gives direct donations while also providing volunteer opportunities for our team.  Our contributions program focuses on improving the mental, social and physical well-being of the less fortunate in our community. That is why today, ClickBank is proud to …

ClickBank Takes Online Education to a Whole New Level

Brett Chesney General, News

For the past 15 years, ClickBank has been the go-to place for content creators and self-publishers to sell their digital education products, connect with expert affiliates and build long-term success. And today, ClickBank’s support of online education reaches a whole new level. Courseware . . . Meet ClickBank There is a new trend in the online education market, often referred …

How Big Is ClickBank’s Big Data?

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A lot of people who work in business and technology have been throwing around the phrase “big data” recently. But what the heck does that mean anyway, and why should you care? Companies of all sizes are realizing that they have huge and growing piles of data, and they use the phrase “big data” to describe this phenomenon. Big data …

ClickBank Big Data

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Maybe you’ve been working with ClickBank for years now, or maybe you’re just getting started. Maybe you’re in the process of scoping out the right platform for your business. No matter what stage you’re at with us as it relates to your business, here’s a glimpse behind the scenes of how we support you.  

6 Must Read Articles That Will Lead You To Success

Brett Chesney General

You’ve taken the leap and signed up for a ClickBank account!  You’ve spent hours reading each page on and have determined that you want to monetize your knowledge as a vendor or monetize your audience as an affiliate.  You’ve started to get excited about your new entrepreneur adventure when it hits you… “Now what do I do”? The honest …

What’s Old Is New: Rediscovering ClickBank’s Roots

Brett Chesney General

15 years ago, when ClickBank first began, it pioneered many online innovations.  It empowered individuals to sell digital products online. It tapped into the collective power of the Internet by incentivizing affiliates to help find customers and drive sales. It innovated online fraud detection to protect vendors and their products.  Over the years, thanks to these innovations, thousands of people …