Traffic and Conversion Summit San Diego Wrap-Up


Last week Traffic and Conversion Summit San Diego kicked off to a sold out three day event of more than 3,000 digital marketers and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Over the course of these three days, thought leaders in every niche of the digital marketing space gathered to share their industry expertise on topics like properly optimizing your marketing funnel, current trends and the huge benefit of leveraging affiliate marketing.

This year, ClickBank was not only a sponsor but played an integral role in the conference itself hosting both a booth and a panel discussion.

Some of this year’s keynote speakers included:

  • Ryan Deiss, CEO and Co Founder of Digital Marketer
  • Perry Belcher, Co Founder and Managing Partner of Digital Marketer
  • Daymond John, CEO, FUBU & Shark Branding TV Personality on ABC’s Shark Tank

Adding Value

The buzz around this year’s summit was all about value. What value are you adding to your industry? What value are you adding to your customers? What value are you adding to your affiliates?

In Ryan Deiss’ session, “The Future: This Changes Everything” he stated:

“The world doesn’t need another WalMart.  We don’t need another Amazon.”

Surviving in an already congested marketplace is forcing brands to really ask themselves what added benefits they are adding that existing entities aren’t already providing.

Building Your Affiliate Army

A definite highpoint of the conference came midway through the week when Perry Belcher took to the main stage to cover all things affiliates.

Belcher laid out several examples of successful affiliate marketing campaigns where brands saw a significant revenue gain by utilizing affiliate marketing.

“The more you can prepare your affiliates for success the more successful they will be.”

What does this mean? Belcher outlines several strategies to properly leveraging your affiliate base:

  • Provide your affiliates with the tools they need to flourish (banner ads, copy, imbedded videos, important metrics like earnings per click and other analytics)
  • Pre-test your funnel and product before releasing it to affiliates
  • Create a high-value funnel (i.e your affiliates will want to see a return on their efforts)
  • Leverage a performance marketing platform that guarantees payments to your affiliates (we recommend ClickBank)
  • Don’t forget the power of contest and rewards to incentivize and gamify affiliate efforts

ClickBank on the Main Stage

As Belcher wrapped up his portion of the session he invited ClickBank’s Business Development Manager, Nick Coats on stage along with some of our top performing clients, Tyler Bramlett, John Rowley and Isiah Pohlert.

During this second half of the session, each one of our clients took a few moments to discuss their success in the industry and how ClickBank was a key partner.

Below are a few photos that capture some of our best moments from the event.

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Category Sales Manager Ginnie Compton stops to take a picture with several of our top international clients.
Account Managers Allison Caulfield and Spencer Matthews field questions in our booth.
Throughout the three day event we had a steady stream of foot traffic stopping to chat and find out more about ClickBank.
John Rowley of UX3 smiles for the camera moments before he went up on stage to be part of the ClickBank panel.
Business Development Manager Nick Coats takes the stage along with top ClickBank clients Tyler Bramlett, John Rowley and Isiah Pohlert.
Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher stop to take a photo with some of our top clients.
Immediately following Belcher’s session the ClickBank booth saw an explosion of interested attendees.
During the three day event our team members were always available to answer questions from attendees.