The Ultimate Guide to Retargeting for Profits

A guide geared to help you master retargeting and grow your sales online.

Have you ever visited and website to look at a product or service and then seemingly ever website you visit after somehow that product or service follows you around?

Kinda creepy right?

When that helicopter tour you checked out or that pair of shoes that caught your eye suddenly appears on just about every website and social media platform, marketers refer to that as “retargeting.” While it might seem a little eerie, Retargeting is highly-profitable and relatively easy to set up.

You Have to Touch Your Customers More Than Once

Most customers don’t buy on the 1st “touch.” When we say touch, that refers to the top of the funnel awareness stage.


There’s a marketing rule called “The Rule of 7.” The Rule of 7 states that you typically have to “touch” a customer with some sort of communication seven times before they commit to buying. Today, some experts believe this number is closer to 11 or 13, since consumers are hit with anywhere from 5,000 to 30,000 brand messages a day.

However, the exact amount of times we have to touch a customer is irrelevant. The take away is is what matters:

Marketers have to figure out how to “touch” a potential customer multiple times.

Create a Retargeting Plan

My team has several super affiliate tactics that we utilize to get the most out of the traffic we drive to offers.

Below, I have listed the six approaches that have worked for us in the past. These tactics are not a “right way” or “wrong way” to retarget. They are just the methods that work best for us when it comes to retargeting and touching a customer more than once.

I suggest choosing one of these methods to try out with a small budget. Run the campaign for a week and then check the results. If the results are good, bump the budget up a bit and try another tactic on top.

If the results are sub-par, make some adjustments, or try another method. More often than not, the retargeting tactic will work and deliver a fantastic return on the investment it took to run the campaign.

Check out the video below. It includes an evergreen approach to the complete set up. This set up netted me a phenomenal 50% ROI. It took me 30 minutes to set up and I didn’t change it or alter it for three months. Every week I looked at the results and closed it out when the campaign ran its course.

Six Best Retargeting Tactics

1. The Gradual Approach to Retargeting

It’s pretty rare that you hear about a guy who wants to tie the knot after just one date. More than likely, the girl would be weirded out and head for the hills. Well, that same lesson applies here. You have to take a gradual approach to retargeting. A gradual approach will tease the potential customer with some top of the funnel brand awareness. If the customer engages with your ads, send them some more middle of the funnel ad types, and then go for the conversion.

2. The Temptation Approach

This method is standard and works well when a customer has shown interest in a product. You will want to “tempt” them with more of the same or similar products. Usually, I choose dynamic creatives to send a combo of images and video ads until they hopefully convert.

3. The Longstanding Approach

As a salesman, a common objection is, “It’s just not the right time.” Some visitors will never buy, but a handful will buy down the road. That is why the longstanding approach is effective. It’s an excellent strategy to reel people back in once time has passed. In the custom audience section set up an audience of 30-180 days of people who visited but didn’t buy. Add a small $2 budget on the campaign and you will likely be very surprised by the results.

4. The Evergreen Approach

In the video above, I use this approach. The evergreen approach is a robust approach that consistently produces an impressive ROI. The set up starts with page views, 25% video views, add to carts, and initiate checkouts. I set up an ad set for each of the above, use dynamic creatives, and let Facebook do its thing. The 50% ROI on the results speak for itself.

5. The Personalized Approach

Once a customer has made an addition to cart (ATC) or has initiated checkout, they have moved to the bottom of the funnel. Now is a good time to get a little more personal. In your ad copy include something like, “We noticed you added something to your cart.” You can also include a creative offer or a discount to push them towards conversion.

6. The Sequencing Approach

So, we already know a conversion can take anywhere between 7-13 “touches.” The sequencing approach utilizes a strategically designed retargeting campaign that moves potential buyers through the stages of the funnel. Start with ads regarding brand awareness, then move to ads for product benefits, then finish up with ads that include a special offer or discount. This approach will mean more “touches” and, likely, more conversions.

Facebook Ad Retargeting Works

Facebook ad retargeting works. The proof is in the pudding. A solid retargeting strategy netted me a smooth $2,212.50 in profit in just a few months. Facebook is one of my favorite platforms for retargeting. The set up is simple, and the results speak for themselves.

Don’t just stop with Facebook though. I have also seen excellent success on YouTube and native ads.

If you have visitors to your offers and you’re not using retargeting methods, you are leaving money on the table. So get out there and set up a retargeting campaign!

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