The One Thing Every Affiliate Needs

If you’re going to make it as an affiliate marketer, there’s one thing that every affiliate needs. Do you have it?

Written by: Harvey Segal, Guest Author

Every Affiliate NEEDS This

ClickBank tells us they have over 100,000 affiliates, but these are only the active ones.

The number of INACTIVE affiliates is far, far higher.

And do you know the main reason why these affiliates fail? For many, it’s because they think that affiliate marketing simply involves putting their link on a traffic site or in a free ad.

The reality is that if you just use an affiliate link you are very limited in your ability to get traffic from the major sources:

  • You can’t use Google AdWords and most other PPC services
  • SEO (search engine optimization) is not possible
  • Article marketing is restricted. Most services ban affiliate links.
  • Forum marketing is restricted. Most forums ban affiliate links.

The truth is that there is one thing you MUST have.

It’s a proper PRESELL page.

That’s a page where you offer a review or recommendation for the product you are promoting. Something that entices the visitor to read on and click through as you explain, for example, the benefits of the product, how it worked for you, what the results were, and so on.

But the problem is that you need to put the presell page somewhere. Typically, this is on a hosted site.

So why doesn’t every ClickBank affiliate have a site?

Because it involves (they believe):

  • a high cost of hosting;
  • the technicalities of setting up a site;
  • the need to understand HTML, and
  • advanced SEO techniques to attract traffic.

No wonder they shy away from using the one strategy which outranks all others – and consequently look on helpless as their ClickBank account doesn’t make money.

But it need not be like this.


Think Blog

If you don’t want to get involved in creating web pages there’s a wonderful alternative. A blog.

Putting a presell page on a blog is simply a matter of writing the content of a blog post then pressing the publish button. Then seeing it automatically picked up by the search engines thanks to the in-built blog pinging services.

In addition, simple low-cost hosting is sufficient for a blog, as you don’t need advanced features.

The other great advantages of a presell page are:

  • the ability to provide a tempting bonus for the customer to claim after the sale,
  • you can capture email addresses and build a list,
  • a way to add tracking links in addition to those provided by ClickBank,
  • you can switch easily to a complementary affiliate program, if necessary, without affecting existing promotions

In summary, if you want to succeed as an active ClickBank affiliate, the small effort and expense to set up a blog and presell page will reward you a hundred times over.

About the Author

Harvey Segal runs the ClickBank Success Forum where over 14,000 members enjoy free advice for all their ClickBank questions and effective solutions for blog hosting and development.


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