The ClickBank Interview Series Starring Fred Lam

“If you want to grow a business, control your net profit and your scalability, it’s all about mastering the marriage of physical and digital products.  Connecting consumers of digital products with physical goods and vice versa.”

ClickBank Interviews: Fred Lam

Meet Fred Lam.

13 years ago, Fred had a dream.  As he sat and washed dishes in the back of a restaurant he started asking himself, “what do I want out of life and how am I going to achieve it?

Shortly after this, Fred found ClickBank and the wheels were put into motion which would  pave the way for his multi-million dollar empire.  From his humble beginnings at 17 years of age selling a tomato e-book to his recent high end coaching products, Lam has almost covered it all.

Listen and watch below as Lam covers:

  • Where he thinks the future of Internet Marketing is headed
  • The next big product Lam is working on
  • What motivates Lam each day
  • Several great tips and tricks on how to break the initial barrier and find success online

“I believe any individual, any person in this whole world, has the power to become an entrepreneur.”

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