Tech Tuesday: VeriPurchase – Instant Social Proof for ClickBank Vendors

peopleStudies have shown when people make buying decisions they will look to others to support those decisions.  When customers look to and follow others it is known as social proof.  As a ClickBank vendor you can use social proof to dramatically increase trust and sales.  This is why Miles Baker and Doug Partridge, two 10+ year ClickBank marketing veterans created VeriPurchase.

screenshotWhat is VeriPurchase?

VeriPurchase is a customizable widget you place on your website to display your recent customer names and locations.  This increases buyer trust and adds real social proof to your website.  The result is MORE sales for you!

Most ClickBank vendors using VeriPurchase are placing the widget near their shopping cart or checkout buttons (as seen to the left).

VeriPurchase is extremely effective for two reasons…

Reason #1 – Social Proof

When people make buying decisions they look to, trust, and follow the actions of others.

When your website visitors arrive at the critical point in the buying process they will see all your most recent customers displayed in the VeriPurchase Widget.  When potential customers see all your existing customers their trust increases dramatically and this reinforces their decision to purchase.

Reason #2 – Trust

Potential customers trust the data provided in the VeriPurchase widget because it is provided by a neutral 3rd party (VeriPurchase).

The VeriPurchase Widget can be customized and resized to match the color, layout, and style of your website.  It works on any HTML page including platforms like ClickBank Powered, WordPress, Joomla, and others.

Installing VeriPurchase is a breeze and only requires copying and pasting a few lines of code onto your website.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to customize and install VeriPurchase…

If you’re interested in trying VeriPurchase for only $1 you can get more information here:


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