Tech Tuesday: The Clickdesk, a Simple Support System for ClickBank Vendors

The ClickdeskProviding exceptional customer support is one of the most important parts of running a successful infopreneurial business, but it can also be one of the most frustrating challenges. It’s time consuming, requires attention to detail and followup, and has the potential to spiral out of control if you don’t have a good tool or system in place to manage customer requests. That’s why Jacob Hiller, a long-time ClickBank Premier vendor, built The Clickdesk. It makes managing your ClickBank customer support quicker and easier than ever before, and gives your customers the high touch support they expect. This leads to more trust, happier customers, and in the end more repeat buyers and product evangelists for you! It also keeps your refunds and chargebacks low, which is key to running a successful business on ClickBank. Jacob has put together a couple of videos showing how Clickdesk can help you and your business:

Introduction to The Clickdesk

Here are some of the ways The Clickdesk makes your life easier and your customers happier:

  • Reply to multiple similar tickets / request at one time.
  • Show customers the answer before they send the ticket.
  • Allow replies by email for customers or for your agents.
  • See ClickBank order history inside the support system.
  • Search transactions inside the system.
  • Know what customers have purchased, refunded, or how long they have been subscribed.
  • Refund or cancel transactions with one click inside the system.
  • ClickBank tickets are automatically synced inside of the system.
  • Look professional and polished.
  • Ipad, iphone, and android apps to run your customer service.
  • Easily oversee your agents and make sure tickets are appropriately and quickly responded to.

The Clickdesk combines the ease of use of Zendesk with the power of the Clickbank API system to create a seamless and streamlined system for ClickBank vendors.

Here is how it integrates and how you can get set up

Jacob loves getting feedback on the system and welcomes any questions or suggestions you have for what you’d like to see in The Clickdesk. You can contact him directly at jacob (at) If you’re interested in The Clickdesk, you can find more information or get set up here:

Jacob is currently offering a special deal for Tech Tuesday readers! When you sign up, just mention Tech Tuesday and his team will set the entire system up for you.

AFFILIATES If you’re interested in being an affiliate, please contact Jacob directly at jacob (at) or post in the comments below so he can get you set up. The Clickdesk is currently a white label affiliate program, so you’ll need to be approved to start promoting.