Tech Tuesday: Easy Webinar Plugin for Automated Webinars

In this week’s Tech Tuesday, we’re going to highlight a tool that’s designed to help with a hot topic in the Internet marketing world over the past 6 months or so – automated webinars.

If you’re not familiar with automated webinars, they’re a great way to educate, build a relationship with your audience, and ultimately sell products or services to prospects. They combine the effectiveness of webinar presentations that take place when the prospect chooses with the professionalism and ease of pre-recorded videos.

Even though automated webinars have been popular amongst marketers in the know for a little while now, many people have been scared off by the “techie” aspect of creating and hosting them. They’ve also required using multiple different technologies, and the cost that entails.

However, I recently learned about a new WordPress plugin called Easy Webinar Plugin that makes creating and hosting automated webinars easy and inexpensive for anyone who uses WordPress. It was created by web video and webinar expert Casey Zeman, who created Easy Webinar Plugin in response to his own desire for an easy way to use automated webinars without needing a developer or lots of technical expertise. He also wanted something that could tie right into his existing WordPress website and theme, so that these webinars would work seamlessly with his existing site and brand. It’s also built to work with many different marketing tools and payment platforms.

After months of development, testing, and user feedback, he’s created a tool that is simple enough for nearly anyone to use, but with powerful features that make it a must for anyone looking to grow and nurture their audience and customer base. Here’s a short video Casey created showing what EWP can do and why it’s a great choice for many marketers:

Click here to learn more about Easy Webinar Plugin

Easy Webinar Plugin is also seeking affiliate partners to promote this tool to marketers, service professionals, and more. As an affiliate you can make up to $85.75 per sale on the front end alone. Not to mention recurring payments of about $16.75 per referral per month after that! Check out this quick video Casey made for potential affiliate partners:

Affiliates can sign up at EWP’s affiliate center to take advantage of all the fantastic tools, resources and perks that Casey has created for EWP affiliates!