Tech Tuesday: ClickBank Custom Order Form Now Available to All Vendors

Written by: Beau Blackwell, Client Knowledge Guru

This week, we’re excited to use Tech Tuesday to announce a new feature that is now available to all ClickBank vendors- Custom Order Form! Until now, this feature has been in closed beta testing with a few select vendors so we could measure its effectiveness in improving conversion rates for vendors. We’re happy to report that based on our testing, most vendors saw a marked improvement after implementing Custom Order Form in their accounts. Now all ClickBank vendors, even people just starting out, can take advantage of this conversion boost.

What is Custom Order Form?

The idea behind Custom Order Form is that by providing a more seamless shopping and buying experience for your customers, they’ll be more likely to complete their purchase when presented with a version of the ClickBank Order Form that looks more like your Pitch Page or website.

Custom Order Form gives vendors the ability to customize the ClickBank Order Form to match their site, by adding matching header graphics, color schemes, and more. It also gives vendors the ability to pass this customization to the ClickBank Success Page where customers access their purchase, increasing their level of trust and confidence in their purchase.

How to Get Started

To create your own Custom Order Form now, we recommend checking out our Custom Order Form Help Center article. It has all the instructions you need to start taking advantage of the increase in conversions today!