Tech Tuesday: CBpress Customizable Marketplace Plugin

Written by: Beau Blackwell, Client Knowledge Guru

In this week’s Tech Tuesday, we’ve got an amazing new WordPress plugin to share with you. It comes from Matt Broich, the affiliate marketing expert who runs CBEngine, one of the top ClickBank analytics and market research sites. With CBpress, Matt and his team have created a plugin that lets you build “ClickBank mall”-type WordPress sites quickly and easily, and then customize them to target customers and convert like crazy. Since this plugin has so many features and options, I’ll let Matt tell you more about them:

CBpress Marketplace allows you to create a customized online mall with up-to-date ClickBank products and pricing. You control the titles, descriptions, products, and even categories presented on your site. During the CBpress installation process, a WordPress page is automatically created with the [cbpress] shortcode.

  • Import the ClickBank Marketplace into your own blog in less than 60 seconds.
  • Set up a WordPress ClickBank Marketplace page with a [cbpress] shortcode.
  • Seamlessly auto-sync with your WordPress theme.
  • Choose which categories to display.
  • Choose the order in which products appear.
  • Enable or disable certain products from appearing.
  • Control display further with Product Filters.

Here are some screenshots to show you what it looks like. Click on the images for a larger version:

CBpress Main Admin Area
CBPress Main Admin Area

Importer Function

CBPress Admin Import

CBpress Marketplace Front End Example

CBPress Marketplace Front End

The Niche Setup
CBpress lets you create niche marketplaces. For example, if your site is geared towards health and fitness products, you can set the “Health & Fitness” category as the starting point for your marketplace page by setting the Health and Fitness category as your root category.

  • Choose what categories you want to display using the “Category Manager” page.
  • Create custom marketplace categories.
  • Setting Root Category: Display whatever category (like Health & Fitness) you wish on your marketplace default page. That can be an established ClickBank category or a custom category.

Category Manager

CBPress Admin Categories

Marketplace Default Page

CBPress Marketplace Niche

Set a Feature Category
You can display custom products on the front page of your marketplace, along with categories.

Front End Marketplace

Short-Code Assistant
A CBpress icon shows above the WP post editor that helps build product shortcodes that you can quickly insert into your WordPress posts or pages. Shortcodes save a lot of time so you’re not having to hardcode ClickBank product lists/ads to your individual blog posts and pages. It can be done on the fly!

Shortcode Insert

Shortcode Editor

Product Titles & Descriptions
Many ClickBank vendors write descriptions geared towards attracting affiliates rather than customers. Here’s what CBpress does to remedy some of these issues:

  • You can limit the number of characters that display under each product listing.
  • You can edit any product title or description! This is also good for SEO purposes, giving you unique content.
  • By default, any edits you make will remain intact each time you run the product importer.
  • You can use the “advanced search” to find out what product titles or descriptions have changed.
  • You can enable the Smart Filter setting to automatically strip out titles/description words geared to affiliates, leaving a description better suited for customers.

Custom Product Lists
Custom lists give you the ability to easily display subsets of affiliate products within pages, posts, widgets and more:

  • Create groups of ClickBank Products you want to promote
  • Place that list on your blog using the Custom List WordPress Widget
  • Put the list in your blog post with a WordPress short-code

Admin Product Search

Product HopLinks and ClickBank TID Tracking:

You can add ClickBank’s TID tracking globally or set up a TID for individual products.

Other link settings include:

  • Open links in new window
  • Use nofollow in links
  • All affiliate links are cloaked

Product Filters in Settings
Filters allow you to set certain criteria for what products display on your marketplace page. Only products matching your selected criteria will display.

CBpress Widgets

  • Custom Product List Widget
  • Marketplace Category list Widget
  • Marketplace Widget
  • Search box Widget
  • and more!

These are the just the MAIN features on CBpress. There are many, many more and we plan to make frequent upgrades and enhancements.

CBpress is an unlimited use license based on one ClickBank ID. Install on one site, install on a thousand. We are currently offering an introductory $37 price.


If you’ve struggled to build an affiliate website and want a tool that will do a lot of the work for you, this is definitely a plugin to check out. As you can see, it’s not free, but it’s really inexpensive for the amount of time and work it can save you! If you’re interested in checking out CBpress, here are some links where you can find more information:

Order Now:
Demo Download:
Further Technical Documentation: