Tech Tuesday: Advanced Affiliate Management with EasyClickmate

ClickBank’s Tech Tuesday feature brings you some of the best tools and technology, both free and paid, available to ClickBank clients and Internet marketers.

This week on Tech Tuesday we’re happy to bring you a product called easyClickmate, which has been helping ClickBank vendors sell their products more effectively since it was originally created all the way back in 2002 by ClickBank client and Internet marketing veteran Adrian Ling. It was the first script of its kind that enables ClickBank vendors to provide multiple landing pages (for multiple products) to their affiliates.

Since then, it has evolved from a simple text-based script to a complete Affiliate Management Tool that enables ClickBank vendors to easily communicate with their affiliates and provide various marketing tools to them via the web-based affiliate center.

EasyClickmate has many features, but here are 4 main features that we think will benefit ClickBank vendors looking to increase their sales and attract more affiliates:

1. Sell multiple products from different websites with a single ClickBank account

Let’s say you have 2 products that you want to sell through ClickBank: Widget A (Pitch Page at and Widget B (Pitch Page at ). The default HopLink Target URL you set in your account limits which product your affiliates can promote.

Your affiliates can only promote the product you have set up in the HopLink Target URL field. In other words, if you set the HopLink Target URL to, your affiliates can ONLY send traffic to

However, if you use easyClickmate, your affiliates will be able to promote (i.e., send traffic to) both WidgetA and WidgetB via their custom affiliate links.

Since each ClickBank vendor account allows you to sell up to 500 different products, a single install of easyClickmate will empower your affiliates to promote up to 500 different products (which can reside on the same website or different websites).

2. Communicate with your affiliates via automated autoresponder integration

One of the biggest advantages of ClickBank over other digital publishing platforms is its huge network of affiliates (over 100,000 and growing). As a vendor, your success is assured if you can tap into this vast network of affiliates and get them to promote your products. Therefore, the ability to track and communicate with the affiliates that promote your product(s) is crucial.

EasyClickmate provides a framework that enables you to do this easily by integrating the Affiliate-Center with the 4 major autoresponders (Aweber, Getresponse, MailChimp & AutoresponsePlus).

When affiliates sign up with you to promote your products, you can automatically subscribe them to your autoresponders without any extra work/coding. Then you can communicate with them and provide them with marketing pieces, latest news, promotional tips, new product launch announcements, etc.

Imagine having a (modest) list of 100 or so affiliates that you can contact for your next product launch – that will definitely help you get started with a bang!

3. Auto-subscribe your customers via automated autoresponder integration

In the same way, you can easily build your customer list when someone purchases your product. You can assign an autoresponder list to each of your products, and easyClickmate will automatically subscribe your customers to those lists after they have completed the purchase.

This is a powerful feature because it allows you to stay in touch with your customers; for example, providing product updates, upgrades, news, upsells, cross-sells, etc.

4. Advanced affiliate links

This is perhaps the most powerful feature in easyClickmate to date.

If you decide to enable this feature, your affiliates will be able to send traffic to any page you define – even if that page is on a 3rd party site. For example, if your product is featured in CNN or one of the top authority sites, your affiliates can link to that article and still get credit for the sale if the visitor ends up buying your product after reading the article.

How cool is that? Instead of sending traffic to a ‘hypey’ sales letter, your affiliates can send traffic to case studies, neutral reviews, Facebook, etc, and still get credit for the sale!

You could also create a free report or an ebook and have your affiliates send traffic to this page instead of the main sales page, or you could create unique personalized landing pages for specific (super) affiliates.


Q: Does easyClickmate work with 3rd party scripts such as Amember, WishList, DLG, DAP, ECG?
A: Yes

Q: What are the server requirements?
A: php4 or php5, mysql and unix/linux host

Q: Will it work on a Mac?
A: EasyClickmate is a server-side script, so it is installed on your webhost, not on your PC or Mac. This means you can run it no matter what kind of computer you prefer.

Q: Is the script outdated since it was created in 2002?
A: Definitely not. EasyClickmate is updated regularly, usually 3-4 times a year. Current version is 11.7, version 12 (2012 edition) is in the works.

Q: I’m a complete “script newbie” – is this script difficult to install on my webhost?
A: Adrian and team provide detailed step-by-step PDF guides with plenty of screenshots. However, there are a few that find installation a challenge. For those that find it a challenge, Adrian’s team is more than happy to help with the installation, setup or any other issues you may run into.

ClickBank Tech Tuesday Special!

Adrian was generous to include a special deal for readers of ClickBank’s Tech Tuesday feature. You can use the promo code CBTECHTUES to save $30 off retail pricing and get free installation and setup service! This promo code is only valid for a few weeks.

If you’re a vendor looking to improve your ability to support your affiliates and grow your sales, you can check out easyClickmate here.