Successfully Using Tracking IDs

Posted by: Shelly Spafford, Senior Customer Service Representative

Most affiliates understand the need to run effective promotions in order to make sales. However, many affiliates may not understand how the information they can gain through the use of Tracking IDs can help them promote products more successfully. In this post, I’ll explain what they are and how they can be a huge help to your business.

Tracking IDs are codes you create of up to eight alpha-numeric digits that are added to the end of your Hoplinks, like this: In this example link, ‘zzzzzzzz’ is your custom Tracking ID. This ID can be anything you want, and it allows you to decipher which of your advertisements or promotions are the most successful.

I’ll give you an example: I am an affiliate with the nickname ‘nick’ and I am promoting a product whose publisher has the nickname ‘name’. I want to run a variety of ads in different locations for this publisher and I want to see which one is the most successful. Let’s say I am going to run an ad on the Web sites,, and; I only need to add Tracking IDs to the end of my Hoplink to be able to track the results from each Web site. The resulting Hoplinks, with tracking IDs corresponding to the Web sites above, would look like this:

In my account, on the Analytics page under the Reporting tab, I can see how each advertisement is doing. I can conduct a search by going to the Affiliate Reporting section on the Analytics page, choosing Tracking Codes in the “Report By” field, and a time period of my choice in the Period field. It’s important to note that the Analytics page only reports up to 30 days of Hoplink activity. When I click Go, I can see each of my Tracking Codes in the far left column, titled Code.  I can then see the following information, pertaining to the links I created above: Code, #Hops, #Sales, #Refunds, etc.

If I see that the code ‘unreal’ is creating many hops and sales, and that the code ‘fakesite’ is not creating many at all, I’ll know that the advertisement on the Web site is not doing well. I can then choose to put more focus and advertising resources into the advertisement.

You can even run a variety of ads on the same site, and see what phrases or types of ads work best for each product. For example, if I want to run two differently-worded ads on, I can use the Tracking Codes ‘fakest01’ and ‘fakest02’.

Tracking codes enable you to understand your Hoplink activity, analyze your promotional efforts, and ultimately save money by not continually spending that money on advertisements that are not working well.

For more information about adding a Tracking Code to your Hoplinks, please visit: