Revisiting Order Bump: One feature, multiple approaches.

ClickBank’s Order Bump, one small feature with BIG returns.

Just like the pack of gum at the grocery store checkout, Order Bump helps boost revenues and average transaction values per customer. Vendors are catching on and in the past year alone, Order Bump has been incorporated in nearly 2,500 active ClickBank funnels and on average lifts each transaction by a whopping 37%!

Usually, Order Bump products are smaller, lower priced items which augment the customers initial purchase. When configured, the customer is presented with a handful of related offers directly on the order form. Customers can then choose or skip these bumps, without any interruption to the sales process. This alone empowers vendors with greater options to showcase added value to the customer.

How Brad Pilon of Eat Stop Eat Uses Order Bump

With his collection of eBooks, Brad Pilon has found considerable success on the ClickBank platform. He recently leveraged his Eat Stop Eat Program as an order bump offer, but with a twist. He offers the eBook as his initial product at $10, and then features the same book in a different format (ex: Kindle) as the bump, in the $3-$7 range. This allowed Pilon to appeal to the many different media format’s his customer’s interact with each day.
What does Pilon like about Order Bump? The options.  Having one initial product allows you to customize the same product in a different format, and offer it as the bump. 

“The audiobook could be abridged if the initial product is long, or if it’s short, make the bump the version with extras. A $10 initial product with a $5 order bump is 150% of the initial sale; so, that’s a big boost! Any new book that I would launch on ClickBank will have that order form combination.”

How Trey Lewellen of ILMG Inc. Uses Order Bump

Trey Lewellen is the founder of ILMG Inc., which includes Lumitact Brands (flashlights) and gun cleaning accessories (towels, gun oil etc.) among others. He has used Order Bump for over 9 months to drive engagement.

“Having them [order bumps] on the order form is great because the customer is already there. They can see what we have to offer without having them having to wait.”

Both Brad and Trey have seen their Earnings Per Click (EPC) rates for affiliates drastically increase by adding this simple feature to their sales flow. They’ve also seen a higher take rate of the bump offer, meaning more value to customers. All in less than a year.

It’s Time to Get Started

Order Bump is an easy way to add more value, boost customer engagement and provide noticeable returns. Stop leaving extra money on the table and see what Order Bump can do for you today.

To learn how to quickly and easily start using Order Bump, check out our implementation guide right here.

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