Recurring Billing = Regular Profits

Posted by: Kristen M., Marketing Communications Manager

Recurring Billing is a well-established practice in the brick and mortar business community and is growing in popularity at ClickBank. Why? Recurring Billing means regular, reliable commissions for affiliates and product publishers.

If you’re not familiar with Recurring Billing, it’s the practice of receiving automated payments for scheduled bills or product installments. Recurring Billing is proving popular because it means a steady income stream to augment one-off product sales.

This presents a great opportunity for affiliates to find recurring products that fit their niche and for product publishers that have a product that lends itself to weekly, monthly, quarterly or other regular installments.

For detailed instructions about implementing ClickBank Recurring Billing, visit the Recurring Billing Article on the ClickBank Knowledge Base. These documents will help you start increasing your revenues through Recurring Billing.