New ClickBank Product Category: 3D Printing Products

For 15 years, ClickBank has been at the forefront of on-line business.  Nine years before the Kindle was first released, ClickBank was encouraging authors and entrepreneurs to sell their knowledge in “ebooks” on-line in the form of electronic documents and PDF files.  ClickBank’s legions of fans and followers promoted books covering a broad range of knowledge.  ClickBank was founded the same year that Google was born.  ClickBank’s commission-based sales engine provided the incentives needed for many individuals to start promoting products on-line via the new search engines that began to drive economic innovation.  ClickBank’s products have helped millions of people to solve everyday problems.  From gardening to green energy, fitness to football, romance to rugby: ClickBank has always provided the answer consumers have wanted.

3D Printing Promises to Revolutionize Small Business & Manufacturing

Today there is a new industry that is being born.  Like the personal computers in the mid-80s and the boom of the internet in the mid-90s this new technology aims to transform manufacturing and our lives as we know it.  The new technology is 3D printing.  Using technology similar to ink-jet printers, 3D printers can “manufacture” nearly anything you can imagine.  These printers build 3 dimensional objects layer-by-layer by depositing small amounts of plastic in precise.  This technology is already being used to build everything from unique small-batch crafts to customized medical devices.  Some 3D printers can produce products made of multiple materials that can have individual moving parts.  This holiday season is expected to be the first time this technology is available to consumers for under $1000.  The industry is expected to grow by 45% in the next year.  Growth like that means an economic opportunity for creative entrepreneurs like our clients.

ClickBank is preparing for this new technology and manufacturing boom.  In today’s ClickBank marketplace we’ve added a new category for 3D Printing.  The category is currently empty, but we know that will not last.  If you are an entrepreneur who understands trends in technology and small business, then you are probably already on ClickBank and you already know the vast potential 3D printing holds for the future.  Submit your ebook, software, or general advice for building a business around 3D Printing.  You can be one of the first ClickBank information entrepreneurs to land in this exciting new category.  At ClickBank we reward business innovation every day.  Tomorrow is coming!