New from ClickBank: Marketplace, Pixels, Analytics, oh my!

Howdy ClickBankers! We are kicking off February with an exciting announcement for you. Our Product and Development teams have been working their fingers to the bone creating enhancements that will help you grow your business! These newly optimized features were just released in January so right now you can:

  • Attract hardworking and hungry new affiliates
  • Efficiently communicate and develop great relationships with your new affiliates
  • Better track your sales pages
  • Improve your tracking and reporting

Let’s dive in! 

The ClickBank Marketplace just got a little better! ClickBank vendors can now add an Affiliate Tools URL and Affiliate Support Email Address to their Marketplace Listing!

This change adds more visibility to the resources vendors provide their affiliates AND makes it much easier for affiliates to identify and navigate those resources directly from the ClickBank Marketplace!

“Wait, I don’t provide these resources!”

Please note that these fields are not required, so if you do not currently provide either of these resources to your affiliates – don’t worry! Your Marketplace Listing will still appear as normal and your rank will not be affected by these changes. For more information on creating Affiliate Pages and how to engage affiliates, please see our Attracting Affiliates to Promote Your Offers article in the Knowledgebase.

“Awesome! How do I do this?”  

If an Affiliate Tools URL and/or an Affiliate Support Email Address is something that you do currently provide, just login to your account and go to “Settings” > “My Site” and click the edit link in the “Marketplace Information” section to input those fields.


  1. If you previously provided an Affiliate Tools Page URL in the Vendor Spotlight section of your account, that address was used to automatically populate that same field in the Marketplace Information. Please take a moment to check out the details of your Marketplace Listing for accuracy and make any necessary changes.
  2. The ClickBank Marketplace updates once a day. So, if you make changes, please remember you won’t see those reflect in the Marketplace right away.

Vendors and Affiliates can now add up to 10 unique Facebook pixels on the ClickBank order form or confirmation page!

So, if you would like to use additional ID’s to better track your pages or are working with partners who would also like to have Facebook reporting for page views and transactions – this enhancement gives you that ability!

For more information about how to add tracking pixels to your ClickBank Account, please see our Integrated Sales Reporting article!

Wooooh! Our Google Analytics implementation was recently updated to specify the ‘pageview’ hitType in accordance with Universal Google Analytics recommendations! What does this mean for you? If you’re currently using Google Analytics, you can expect your data to be more accurate. No action required!

If you you’d like to start using Google Analytics tracking on ClickBank, please see our Integrated Sales Reporting article for further information!

These are just a few of the projects that Product and Development have been working on so keep your eyes peeled for new ones as we release them. We work hard every day to optimize and improve our features for you, our partners. Remember that the Knowledge base is our largest, most informational resource and you can find answers to all of your questions there! However, for those special questions, feel free to email our support team.

Enjoy ClickBankers!

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