New Analytics in Depth – Exploring Sales Funnel Metrics: Part 5

Posted by: Che Horder, Business Intelligence Manager

This is part five of a five-part, five-day series about how to best take advantage of the new analytics.

The new ClickBank Analytics feature has been available for a few weeks now, and we would like to follow up with ideas on how to explore and utilize some of new metrics that are now available to you. Part 1 of this series details what the different stages represent and how to measure the full process from Stage 1 to Stage 4. Part 2 outlines Order Form Sale Conversion and Part 3 examines Hops Per Order Form Impression. Part 4 looks at order form impression count vs. order form submit count. Today’s post deals with Order Form Submit count vs. Gross Sale Count.

Order Form Submit Count vs. Gross Sale Count: Stage 3 to Stage 4

You will need to look at two metrics to measure the progress of prospects from the Order Form Submit stage (Stage 3) to Sale stage (Stage 4): Order Form Submit Count and Gross Sale Count. You may view these metrics one of three ways:

1.     Plot each individually on the trend chart

2.     Compare the 2 metrics on the trend chart (using the “Compare To” drop down box)

3.     View the metrics in the data table

Keep in mind what constitutes an Order Form Submit. It is defined as the act of a prospective customer clicking the Pay Now button on the ClickBank Order Form (our reporting will count up to one order form submit per customer visit to the order form).

For prospects to successfully make it to the Sale stage, the following must have occurred:

  • The customer information from the ClickBank Order Form is validated.
  • The customer is verified to not be participating in fraudulent activities
  • The customer has the funds and is authorized to fulfill the sale transaction requested

Common barriers for prospects exiting at this stage include:

  • An invalid Postal Code entered on the ClickBank Order Form
  • An invalid Name entered on the ClickBank Order Form
  • An invalid Card Number entered on the ClickBank Order Form
  • The prospect’s payment method is not authorized due to problems with funding
  • The prospect is identified to be participating in fraudulent activities
  • An invalid Card Expiration Date is entered on the ClickBank Order Form